FlowerPot Vaporizer: A Comprehensive Guide to Bong-Like Vaping Experience


Introduction: Vaporizing has gained immense popularity, driven by technological advancements and a growing concern for lung health. The market for devices that vaporize flower, concentrate, or both, is thriving. However, many vaporizers fail to deliver a satisfying experience. In this article, we explore the FlowerPot Vaporizer by New Vape, a game-changer that offers a unique and clean approach to consuming cannabis. We’ll delve into its features, usage instructions, and discuss why it stands out from the crowd.

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  1. The FlowerPot Vaporizer: Revolutionizing Vaping Technology Vaporizing has never been more popular than it is today. Between technological advancements in the field and a pandemic that’s made everyone think a little more about their lungs, the market for devices that vaporize flower, concentrate, or both, is booming. While there are a ton of e-rigs, vape pens, portable vapes, and tabletop setups that vaporize concentrate or flower, essentially the same technology and form is used over and over again. Most of the time, you’re better lighting up a bong.
    The FlowerPot Vaporizer from New Vape is exciting because it delivers that top-notch bong hit experience without combustion, giving the sensation of smoking without compromising your lungs. In an industry awash with products that use flashy marketing to cover shoddy manufacturing, quality is as rare as innovation. Not only is the FlowerPot the most well-manufactured vaporizer I’ve ever used, it offers a totally unique and clean approach to consuming cannabis.

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  1. What is the FlowerPot Vaporizer? The FlowerPot is a vaporizing system by New Vape that’s sold in a variety of bundles, all designed to be fully customizable, compatible with glass, and to deliver a vaporized bong hit heavy enough to rival a real one. New Vape is a Florida brand known for the innovative and high-quality vaporizer systems they manufacture in-house. Having evolved from a medical machine shop in 2005, they applied their knowledge of creating stuff like titanium bone screws towards the cannabis hardware industry.While the conceptual goal of the FlowerPot is to deliver a perfect bong hit without combustion, our setup kicks it up a notch. For this guide, we’ll be referring to the Vrod Head, the most popular model, where you can take a vaporized flower bong rip and a concentrate dab at the same time.

  1. How do you use the FlowerPot Vaporizer? The FlowerPot Vaporizer is a highly mechanized device with many customizable setups and added accessories. How you want to design the device around the basic heating mechanism is up to you. Here is how to assemble the basic heating element and electronic system of the FlowerPot.


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Assembling the FlowerPot Vaporizer: While assembling the FlowerPot may seem difficult due to its many small parts and long list of instructions, it’s actually pretty easy. To make this process as simple as possible, we’ve broken it into three parts: head assembly, bowl assembly, and PID controller.

Head Assembly: Parts needed

  • Heater coil
  • Dish nut
  • Dish
  • Vrod Head
  • Vrod Diffuser


  1. Fasten the dish onto the Head and secure it with the dish nut.
  2. Screw the diffuser onto the Head while holding it against the coil.

Bowl Assembly: Parts needed:

  • Shovelhead Post
  • Shovelhead Body
  • Screen


  1. Insert the screen into the bowl until it snaps into place.
  2. Insert the post into the glass rig, then place the bowl on the post.
  3. Screw the shovelhead body handle to tighten it onto the bowl.

PID Controller: The FlowerPot offers two options for PID controllers and coils:

  • NV PID Controller
  • Auber RDK300A PID Controller

And two coil options:

  • 20mm Coil for NV PID
  • 20mm Coil for Auber PID


  1. Plug then screw the coil cord into the PID controller.
  2. Plug one end of the generic power cord into the PID controller, and the other end into the wall.

Using the PID Controller

  1. Make sure the FlowerPot is safely mounted on the safety stand.
  2. Hit the red switch on the back of the PID.
  3. The display will read the current temperature of the cord, an ambient 80 degrees F.
  4. Use the up or down arrows to set your desired temperature. A good starting temperature is 650 degrees F.
  5. When ready, push the front power button. This will power the coil and begin to heat.
  6. Using the FlowerPot Vaporizer When using the FlowerPot, there are a few tricks to keep in mind for getting the fattest clouds and the best non-combustion bong rip the vape world has to offer.

Grind the weed, a lot: The finer the grind, the better the hit.

  1.  Allow 3-5 minutes for the FlowerPot to get to temperature: Give it five minutes at first to let the heat soak the device fully. The device can be left on all day as long as it’s safely docked on the stand.
  2. Go slow: The faster the air goes through the ground flower, the less hot it will be when it hits it, so it’s best to try for a slow to medium draw, vaporizing to the edge of combustion without coughing.
  3. Think of the FlowerPot as a big lighter: Only add heat to the bowl when you’re drawing in. Be sure to always place it back on its safety stand between draws.
  4. What’s the appeal? The FlowerPot Vaporizing System is very much an at-home setup, perfect for someone who’s a hobby cannabis enthusiast. The kind of stoner with deep pockets, lots of time, and a fiery passion for pot.

Taking a dab and a bong hit of vaporized weed is obviously very next level, but it comes at a price. The most basic FlowerPot Bundle will set you back $370, and the Premium package comes in at a whopping $805. While I love my FlowerPot and use it almost daily, it’s still a little steep.

That said, the FlowerPot is not meant for the casual user, but it fills the definite void when creating a walkable bridge from smoking flower to vaporizing. I’ve entertained the idea of laying off smokables for a while, but hadn’t seen it as feasible in that most vaporizers suck. This is the only vaping platform that has ever gotten me as high as smoking has, making me feel like it might be possible to make the switch… someday.

Conclusion: The FlowerPot Vaporizer by New Vape stands as a testament to innovation and quality in the vaporizer market. By providing a bong-like experience without combustion, it offers a unique and clean approach to consuming cannabis. While it may not be suitable for casual users due to its price range, it fills a void for those seeking to transition from smoking to vaporizing. The FlowerPot Vaporizer has the potential to revolutionize the way we enjoy cannabis, making the switch to vaping a feasible and satisfying option.


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