Flying with the Heliway 901S Review (with real video footage from the drone’s camera and coupon)


We have reviewed many times many drones, but not as interesting as the drone the arrived to me. I’m speaking about the Heliway 901S, a mini foldable drone, that you can store inside your navigation panel.

The Heliway 901S comes in a very nice package. When you see it at first, from the front side you can see the drone with the main base where you store it.

At the back of it, you can see that the Heliway 901S is a mini foldable FPV drone, with what features has and very nice and well choose pictures of it.

Opening the box, except from the drone and the remote controller which serves and a base as I already told you, we will find 1 x Cable for charging the drone, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Set of Phone Clamp Components, 4 x Propeller, 1 x Propeller Opener and 1 x English User Manual.

The last component that you see in the picture is used to hold your mobile attached on to the remote controller/base, so you can see the FPV experience.

The drone it self is very small. When is folded, inside the base, the dimensions are 50 x 50  x 29mm and when is unfolded and ready for take off, the dimensions are 96 x 96 x 29mm, almost double. The weight is just 24.6g, so as you can see is very light. The Heliway 901S is constructed in a such way, that you can easily take it with you everywhere. And this is easy to happen, since the dimensions of the package are just 24.60 x 18.60 x 6.00 cm, so you can easily put it inside a pocket.

The remote controller has everything you need to work with the 901S. I suggest to have the manual by you the first times, to see what each button can do, because they are many!

When you press the power button, it light’s up. Before you do that, you will need 4 AAA batteries, which are not included, to place them under the remote controller, in order it to function.

The 901S comes in three colors, Pink, Blue and Orange. I got the blue, as it looked very nice. Is made out of durable ABS, I can assure you! The 901S feature a 0.3MP camera, that can shoot very clearly. At the end of the review, you will find a video which includes video footage from the drones camera! The 901S features all basic flight modes like moving forward, backward, up, down, left and right. It can also fly sideward or do 3D flips. The 901S features headless mode and one-key return. You can also adjust at what speed it will fly, since it has high, middle and low speed. All these can be done from the remote controler or from the app that comes with the drone.

In order to see which is this app, all you have to do is read the QR code included in the manual. For android is the WiFi UFO. In order to work with it, activate the 901S drone and then search to find the wifi network of the drone from your mobile. Connect with it and then run the app. You will be seeing from the app what the camera sees. You can also control it the drone from there or set it to do various tricks.

You can control the drone at a distance of 30 meters. Features 6 axis gyro for stability and uses 2.4GHz for frequency.

The Heliway 901S comes with a rechargable 3.7V 220mAh 20C Lipo battery. You will need about 40 minutes to fully charge the battery and then you will be able to fly the drone for 7 minutes. You can charge it either with the USB cable or from the docking station.

Check below an unboxing video of the Heliway 901S mini foldable drone as and a flying with it, with footage from the camera.

You can see that the Heliway 901S is a really interesting mini foldable drone. The unique feature to fold makes it easy to carry around. You can grab now the Heliway 901S at RCmoment and if you use our coupon code: 901S , you will be able to get it for only 27.59$! Is that a really super price!?


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