Flyme Beta Latest Version Officially Releases (ROM Download Here)


Today Meizu officiallly releases Flyme 6 update in April, the latest firmware, Flyme beta. The biggest highlight of this new update is to support deleting screenshot after sharing, making space for smartphone and saving time for more convenient operation. In addition, after long time unlocking with failure, it can use Meizu account to unlock, more efficient and convenient.

Main Update of Flyme Beta

Support deleting screenshot after sharing, saving more space for your phone, and more time for your operation.
Those already logging in Flyme account can use it to unlock the phone after unlocking your phone by password for many times failure, saving time to avoid wating.
Optimize the launch way of ‘ simple mode of ultra large fonts ‘, bring you more simple experience.

App Split-screen and Password of phone turning off

In addition, Meizu Pro 6 and Pro 6s adds apps Split-screen function, Meizu Pro 6 Plus/PRO 6s/PRO 6/MX6 adds the function to launch automatically ‘password when phone switching on’ to avoid not found due to switch-off after the phone is stolen. Other smartphone models will support this function soon.

Just Download the ROM here


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