Flyme 6 Beta Version 14th November Update: A Key Report, To Help Prevent Fraud (Download Update Here)


Flyme OS is one of the most popular Android-based operating systems in China and Produced by Meizu. Flyme is officially available on all of its own smartphones. It provides a fun browsing experience with delicate and agile animation. The new Intelligent Thinking Engine “One Mind” will automatically pick up user habits and provide solutions based on different scenarios, aiming to create a smart mobile phone with light and smooth user experience offerings.

Today Meizu officially release the Flyme 6 Beta version update, the experience of this update of the application added Split-screen support for more applications, and added the classic vertical multi-tasking. Flyme current application on line 2.0, not only in the adaptation of the number of 3rd party applications to reach 56 models, covering the daily social, games, live and other fields of application but also insecurity has also greatly improved, the main application and Split screen. The applied data are independent of each other and do not interfere with each other, and the data of individual applications is also more stable. As part of the Meizu, models affect the use of the issue, so this version of the trial to suspend the update.

Highlights Feature
  1. Hot flow restrictions
  2. input method to quickly paste
  3. Safe family to increase a key report
  4. Vertical multi-task regression (with switch)
  5. Application Split screen 2.0 to adapt to more models
  6. Support for setting up multiple interference-free time period


 1, some models experience version stopped instructions
  • As Meizu M3 Note / Meizu M5 Note / Meizu M3E / Meizu M3 Max 4 models found in the closed beta process affect the use of the problem, in order to avoid affecting the normal use of the 14th November trial version suspended update, kindly understand.
2, Meizu E2 mobile customized version
  • The Flyme has been pushed to Meizu E2 users. The function is synchronized with the latest public version, please update it in time.
3, Meizu Note 6 experience version
  • The Meizu Note 6 first trial version is still in preparation, plans to launch the next trial version update.

Flyme 6 experience version 14th November update log

Highlights Features
  • Application of Split screen 2.0 to Compatible with more models; Vertical multi-task regression; Hot-flow restrictions; Support for setting up more than one time-free period; Input method to quickly paste.

Change Log (MeizuPRO 7 Series, PRO 6 Plus, PRO 6s, PRO 6, PRO 5, MX6)

Function Adjustment
Application Split screen (PRO 5 / PRO 6 / PRO 6s / MX 6 / PRO 6 Plus)
  • Application Split screen 2.0 shock on the line, not only protect the data stability of Split screen applications, while adapting more 3rd party applications, Split screen more ease
Path: Settings – Accessibility – Appointments
Vertical Multitasking (Meizu PRO 5 / PRO 6 / PRO 6s / MX 6 / PRO 6 Plus)
  • Vertical multitasking regression, recall from Flyme 5 Kill
  • Page browsing process, click the status bar automatically return to the top, to improve reading efficiency
  • Paths; Settings – Settings – Accessibility – Multitasking Management – Quest Cards Arrangement – Portrait System
  • Update camera algorithms, optimize nighttime camera effects, dynamically adjust photo exposure in bright scenes, take good photos anytime, anywhere
  • Optimize exposure compensation, reduce exposure compensation sensitivity, expand exposure compensation mode range, support for third-party App calls
  • Clipboard content, the cursor positioned to the input box will automatically pop-up paste options, remove the long press, rapid reply
  • Add quick action: click the cursor position or double-click anywhere in the input box text will pop-up shortcut bar
Safe Home
  • Add a “one-click report” feature, fraud prevention, urgent
  • Optimized positioning display logic, when the guardian to exit safe home, the guardian will also withdraw from the page
Do Not Disturb Time
  • Support set up more than one time-free period, youth I call the shots
  • Path: Settings – Do Not Disturb – Enables the time period
Portable Hotspot (PRO 7 Series)
  • Add a single traffic restriction, rational sharing, friendship more long-term
  • Path: Settings – Portable Hotspot – Single Traffic Limit
Change Assistant
  • Support a variety of information transmission, including input method settings, wallpaper, custom ringtones, Flyme account, etc.
Problem Improvement
  • Repair locked multi-tasking card disappear after restarting phenomenon
  • Repair simple mode dial page display abnormal phenomenon
  • Fix the phenomenon of unresponsiveness by clicking the Share button in the upper right corner of the book’s detail page
  • Fixing the update of the web directory indicates that there is a lack of update time
  • Fix some scenes can not receive QQ message phenomenon
  • Fix the download icon on the lock screen to display anomalies
  • Solve the Gmail mailbox cannot enter the recipient’s mailbox
Changelog (Meizu E2, Meizu X )
Function adjustment
Safe Home
  • Add a “one-click report” feature, fraud prevention, urgent
  • Optimized positioning display logic, when the guardian to exit safe home, the guardian will also withdraw from the page
problem improvement
Safe Home
  • Repair music equalizer settings page shows abnormal phenomenon
  • Repair even now mistakenly recognize ordinary SMS as a phenomenon of fraudulent SMS
  • Solve the photo time does not show the problem
  • Repair Bluetooth headset connected to the phenomenon of even breaking sound
  • Repair even now edit the picture automatically exit the editing interface phenomenon
Upgrade Instructions
  1. Any problems encountered during the update or use can be reported through the “User Assistance” APP.
  2. System updates acquired via mobile push are secure, do not consume storage space, and do not result in data loss.
  3. The entire update process takes about 20 minutes. Please wait patiently after clicking the “Update” button. Do not press the phone button during the update process to prevent the update from being interrupted.
  4. The phone will reboot automatically during the update, with a small amount of fever is normal
  5. The system update part of the change description may vary by version, model or network operator
  6. Tips: For some applications, you need to regain access. Please authorize the application according to your personal needs.

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Enjoy Flyme 6 Beta Version Update and have a nice day

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