Flyme 7 OS Official ROM For Meizu Phones Released (Download Here)


Meizu unveiled Flyme OS 7 alongside Meizu 15 lineup. With the Flyme OS 7, Meizu brings more changes on their UI, colours, wallpapers, faster facial recognition technology, and some smart features. The company is also rolling Flyme OS 7 update for some of their older devices.

Flyme OS 7 brings AI beautification, portrait backtracking, new game modes, night mode and more features. On their official forum, they said, Flyme OS 7 has more than 300 new features and 1300 optimisations.

The camera app got additional updates too. The AI beauty mode will adjust automatically based on your age, features and skin type (without smudging skin texture).

Check out the device list below with the download links.

Device Name Date Flyme Version Size Download
Meizu Charm Blue E 2018-04-22 beta 1510M Link!
Meizu Charm Blue Max 2018-04-22 Flyme beta 1518M Link!
Meizu Charm Blue Note 3 2018-04-22 Flyme beta 1491M Link!
Meizu Charm Blue Note 5 2018-04-22 Flyme beta 1497M Link!
Meizu Charm Blue Note 6 2018-04-22 Flyme beta 2095M Link!
Meizu Charm Blue 6 2018-04-22 Flyme beta 1428M Link!
Meizu Charm Blue S6 2018-04-22 Flyme beta 1407M Link!
Meizu MX 6 2018-04-22 Flyme beta 1495M Link!
Meizu PRO 6 2018-04-22 Flyme beta 1515M Link!
Meizu PRO 6s 2018-04-22 Flyme beta 1515M Link!
Meizu PRO 7 Standard Edition 2018-04-22 Flyme 1566M Link!
Meizu PRO 7 High Edition 2018-04-22 Flyme 1566M Link!
Meizu Pro 7 Plus 2018-04-22 Flyme 1616M Link!
Meizu M6 2018-03-15 Flyme 1250M Link!
Meizu M6 2017-12-27 Flyme 1250M Link!
Meizu M6 Note 2018-01-05 Flyme 1480M Link!
Meizu PRO 7 Plus 2018-01-31 Flyme 1320M Link!
Meizu M5c 2017-12-05 Flyme 835M Link!
Meizu M5s 2018-01-05 Flyme 905M Link!
Meizu M5s 2017-07-27 Flyme 817M Link!
Meizu PRO 6 Plus 2017-07-26 Flyme 806M Link!
Meizu PRO 6 Plus 2017-02-05 Flyme 759M Link!
Meizu M5 Note 2017-03-31 Flyme 907M Link!
Meizu M5 2017-12-11 Flyme 997M Link!
Meizu M5 2017-05-22 Flyme 1004M Link!
Meizu M3E 2017-12-26 Flyme 977M Link!
Meizu M3E 2017-08-03 Flyme 941M Link!
Meizu M3 Max 2017-12-11 Flyme 978M Link!
Meizu M3 Max 2017-07-26 Flyme 939M Link!
Meizu U10 2018-04-17 Flyme 1040M Link!
Meizu U10 2017-12-11 Flyme 1030M Link!
Meizu M3 Note 2018-04-17 Flyme 995M Link!
Meizu M3 Note 2017-12-26 Flyme 1012M Link!
Meizu U20 2018-04-17 Flyme 920M Link!
Meizu U20 2017-12-15 Flyme 933M Link!
Meizu MX6 2017-07-26 Flyme 877M Link!
Meizu MX6 2016-12-23 Flyme 1024M Link!
Meizu M3s 2018-04-17 Flyme 1003M Link!
Meizu M3s 2017-12-26 Flyme 1000M Link!
Meizu PRO 6 2017-07-06 Flyme 958M Link!
Meizu PRO 6 2016-12-23 Flyme 1024M Link!
Meizu PRO 6 2016-11-03 Flyme 970M Link!
Meizu PRO 5 2017-07-26 Flyme 731M Link!
Meizu PRO 5 2016-12-23 Flyme 703M Link!
Meizu PRO 5 2016-11-03 Flyme 688M Link!
Meizu MX5 2018-01-04 Flyme 788M Link!
Meizu MX5 2017-07-06 Flyme 768M Link!
Meizu MX4 Pro 2018-01-04 Flyme 688M Link!
Meizu MX4 Pro 2017-08-03 Flyme 668M Link!
Meizu MX4 2018-01-05 Flyme 709M Link!
Meizu MX4 2017-08-03 Flyme 689M Link!
Meizu MX3 2015-05-22 Flyme 515M Link!
Meizu MX3 2014-05-14 Flyme 3.5.3 290M Link!
Meizu MX2 2015-05-22 Flyme 469M Link!
Meizu MX2 2014-04-09 Flyme 3.5.1I 251M Link!
Meizu MX2 2013-10-08 Flyme 2.4.1I 184M Link!
Meizu MX 2014-02-12 Flyme 2.5 169M Link!
Meizu M2 Note 2018-01-04 Flyme 783M Link!
Meizu M2 Note 2017-07-06 Flyme 762M Link!
Meizu M2 2017-12-26 Flyme 776M Link!
Meizu M2 2017-06-22 Flyme 734M Link!
Meizu M1 Note 2018-01-04 Flyme 788M Link!
Meizu M1 Note 2017-07-26 Flyme 768M Link!

Source:  Xiaomibuying


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