Flyme 8 Experience Version Will be Updated Today


Meizu‘s Flyme Experience is a lite version of an upcoming version of Flyme. It is a way for users to experience some new features of the upcoming version rather than opting into a full beta program. Now, Meizu announced that Flyme 8 Experience version will be updated today.

While its input method also has been comprehensively upgrading, including keyboard custom vibration intensity, optimization fighting chart experience, support for more emoji, and more. At the same time, this new version brings 3 live wallpapers includes waves, ripples, and deep diving. Lastly, the drawing inspiration got from the natural surging of rivers, lakes, deep mood and the soothing animation.

What’s New:

Function adjustment
Meizu version of Sogou input method
  • Rich emoji expressions, while enhancing input association and candidate word display, enjoy chatting without fear of embarrassment.
  • Customize the vibration intensity of the key, enjoy the input when you input it (path: input method_key feedback).
  • The clipboard supports storing 100 pieces of data, easily responding to text transfer between different applications.
  • The keyboard supports searching and sending of emoticon packages. Movies and TV, cute pets, and secondary elements are all available.
  • More optimizations: Support up / down input symbols under Pinyin full keyboard, remove the full-screen mobile phone keyboard lifting process.
  • Meizu Flyme 8 experience version update: the input method is fully upgraded and the chat is not afraid of embarrassment.
Dynamic wallpaper

Inspired by the natural surging of rivers, lakes and lakes, the deep mood and soothing animations will make you do n’t worry (path: settings_themes and wallpapers_wallpapers_live wallpapers).


Some puzzle posters support custom text, easily record the picture story and mood at the moment, the memories are more full.

  • Automatically switch to a mobile data network when connecting to a public wireless network payment to avoid data leakage and property risks (path: setting_operator network_financial payment security).
  • Enterprise WeChat supports floating notifications and small window opening when new news comes and handles office affairs promptly.
  • Use the small window to automatically hide the status bar in landscape mode to optimize the operating experience.
Problem improvement
  • Fix the problem that the game mode Xunyou acceleration can’t use.
  • Solve the problem that the radian of the menu icon of the small window exhaled by some models is abnormal.
  • Solve the problem that the fingerprint cannot be used to unlock the encrypted application in the small window mode.
  • Fix the phenomenon that there is no response to touch on some areas of the screen after opening the small window.
  • Solve the problem that when returning from the friend circle interface in the small window mode, it will directly exit the application to the desktop.
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