Flyme 8 Trial Version Will Be Updated Again! One Mind 4.0 Upgraded


According to the official introduction of Meizu Flyme, Meizu today updated the Flyme 8 trial version. Flyme 8 trial version will be updated again! One Mind 4.0 upgraded, optimized small window mode 2.1.

This update further optimizes OneMind 4.0 and small window mode 2.1. In addition, it also includes fixes for past bugs, and the user experience will be further improved.

The updated content is as follows:

• OneMind 4.0

  • The self-developed cross-wake robot, monitor and mark the application of wake-up rules, cut off rogue behavior in real-time, protect mobile phone data security, and keep the pure background
  • Adjust application wake-up and network timing to a fixed time interval, filter frequent interference of applications during sleep, reduce standby power consumption, and increase the duration of use
  • Standardize sensor calls, determine when applications are running in the background to reclaim resources or reduce sampling frequency, switch to the foreground to resume response speed, and take into account performance and power consumption

• Small window mode 2.1

  • Optimize the gesture response area to increase sensitivity
  • Problem improvement

• Bluetooth

  • Solve the problem that the application crashes after connecting to Bluetooth
  • Solve the problem of Bluetooth headset disconnection in some scenarios

• Desktop

  • Solve the problem that the application name text is not displayed under the occasional application icon
  • Fix the phenomenon that Taobao icon disappeared briefly when returning to the desktop on Taobao page
  • Fix the phenomenon that lock screen music and lock screen notification display overlap
  • Solve the problem that the battery icon is not displayed on the screen display interface of some models in night mode


  • The problem of WeChat applet without multi-task card [Solved]
  • Solve the problem of local video playback failure in some scenarios
  • Solve the problem that some models are stuck when rotating photos in the gallery

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