Focalmax Scati VR DR1A Accordion Review-First Global Light Foldable VR Headset


Since Google released Cardboard, there are variety of VR glasses on the current market to make us hard to choose one. Most VR devices are the headset with heavy weight, if we wear too long, we feel uncomfortable. In order to solve the problem effectively, and create better atmosphere for users. Focalmax has released a brand new concept, light VR. So you can see VR Accordion released by Focalmax which is the first global light Accordion VR foldable.


Large Fresnel lens. Don’t need to adjust the distance, self- adaptive light VR

Only 1/3 weight of the common aspherical lens. The lens with ultra large screen designed according to specific optical.

he adaptive distance of 55-75mm PD, High quality image and lightweight volume.  Using precision calibration to adjust myopic degree, zero burden focusing.



Get rid of the bondage of PC cable, explore virtual world anytime and anywhere. Lightweight, portable, foldable, only 180 grams weight.

First Real bantamweight light VR handset makes your home become private IMAX theater.

Thin Fresnel lenses with large size, using water wave to show rich level and increase the optical refraction.

Get a more broad horizon, clearer image, lighter and more comfortable. Easily obtain 360 ° panoramic presence.


It uses the advanced  nanometer molecules which is comfortable for our skin to create a light and luxurious VR to get rid of the heavy design.


FOV100 ° ~ 115 ° wide viewing Angle, light fully immersed VR


When the picture shows, we can forget the border and put immersion in our dreams by this FOV100°~115° wide viewing angle.


Check Accordion VR specs:

Brand: Focalmax
Color: Blue
Material: Silicone
Type: VR 3D Glasses
Phone Sreen Size Support: 4.5-6 inch
FOV: 100-115°
Pupil Distance Adjust: 55-75 mm
Net Weight: 180 g / 6.35 oz
Size: 180 g / 6.3493128 oz
Package Contents:
1 x Accordion VR Glasses
1 x User Manual
1 x Strap

Right now, Focalmax Scati VR DR1A Accordion, First Global Light Foldable VR Headset is on sale at $22.12, you can enjoy this VR headest with nice convenience, comfortability, and immersions. Most importantly, it’s your nice chance to try the first foldable VR headset! How will you feel?


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