Folding is your best option when you’re unsure


Sometimes poker players think that folding their hands equals weakness. There are those times when you have no idea what your opponent has, and they could have a better hand than yours. Here’s some good news; folding is actually your strongest move if you’re not sure about your hand. The main reason why poker players have the idea that you hold on to your hand until the end is because they want to be unpredictable. If you know what your opponent’s hand is, you’ll know how to play yours. However, if you don’t have a clue, folding is actually your best option.

Folding anything less than premium hands before the flop isn’t always a bad idea

If you have a hand that’s pretty good but not good enough to consider calling your opponent’s bet, fold. There are plenty of situations in which folding is correct. When you’re playing in a poker88 tournament, you have a limited amount of chips. You’ll need to use them wisely. You’ll also need to be flexible with your strategy. Unless you have a high pocket pair, if the players ahead of you raise, fold your hand and allow them to lose chips.

Don’t always feel like you have to call a raise when you’re in the big blind

It’s perfectly okay to fold and save some chips. If they have a very good hand, they can always call. If you have a decent hand that you think you can improve, don’t be afraid to raise and see if a call is forthcoming. On the other hand, if you’re in the big blind and a player raises in front of you before the flop, fold if you have a weak hand. Defending your big blind doesn’t make sense if you continuously put your chip stack at risk.

Chasing straights and flushes is a bad idea unless you have the chips to gamble with

If not, it’s best to fold and wait to chase when you have more chips. However, there are some situations when it’s okay to chase a straight or a flush hand. If you’re playing in a cash game and a player raises on the button, it’s okay to check-raise with a hand like that. You want to make as small of a bet as possible so you’ll be able to bluff when the time comes. That is, if you feel your opponent has a weak and you can take them off it if you don’t hit your flush or straight.

Folding is all about preserving your chips so you can play more hands

If you don’t have a hand that can win, folding can be your best move. It might not be the most exciting play, but it’s better than losing all your chips. Always look for the best opportunity to put your money in the pot, but don’t invest it until you’ve done your homework. If you know what your opponent has, folding is a good idea. If not, just fold and save your chips for a later time when you’re actually sure of what you have. Poker online is all about choosing which spots you want to put your chips in the pot so you can get the best results.


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