Foneazy MockGo Review – Change The GPS Location of Your iPhone


Being able to change the GPS location on the iPhone, without actually being in that location, is not easy for its users, unlike what happens with those who use Android. However, until today, anyone using an iPhone jailbreak could even get it, but what if we tell you that this is no longer necessary? Avoid losing the warranty or even causing further damage due to a jailbreak when we now have the fantastic Foneazy MockGo: a software expert in mastering the iPhone, which allows us to change our GPS location for any other even without having ever been in that place.

The program is really simple to use and offers really well thought out features, for any need. One of the ways to use MockGo is to simulate continuous movement from one point on the map to another by changing the GPS coordinates. In this way, games like Pokemon Go can be used safely. There is also a Realistic Mode which I will talk about shortly and the possibility of using a Joystick to control the movements.

Main features of Foneazy MockGo

As mentioned, if we take it for granted that some apps manage to take security measures to detect whether the user is spoofing their location or not, Foneazy MockGo presents itself in such a way that it convinces even the most demanding app on the market.

Support Multi-device and multi-device control

MockGo can also be used to secure your real location. Just set an approximate one in the area where you live and you can send that. Alternatively, if you have lied to some friend or acquaintance, you can catapult yourself to any city in the world and send the position via Whatsapp, Facebook, and any other application, without revealing where you really are.

If you share the location with your employer, friends, or partner through the Find My app, you can also show a fake location again.

As soon as we open the application, we will have to connect our iPhone to the computer and unlock it. At this point, we will immediately display a map with our position and we will be able to apply the various function filters.

Through a search box, we will be able to immediately find a specific place, city, or street in which to locate. Just write the address and press enter, after which a window will appear with the word ” Move here ” or “move here”. This is the ” teleportation ” mode that will instantly change your location, even when you send it to WhatsApp.

By choosing the segment icon in the upper right part of the application, we will be able to use the starting point (A) represented by our current position and set an arrival point (B), after which you can enable the ” Realistic Mode ” checkbox and choose how to move from one point to another between ” on foot “, ” by bicycle ” or ” by car “.

As you can see from the computer, second after second your position will change, at the speed indicated by the means of transport used. This is useful both for games and for “pretending” that you are going to a certain place.

All this is also useful in dating applications, to be able to visualize people who live in another place (from a few km up to thousands of km with respect to our real position). This way you can contact them without unlocking the paid Premium features, thus bypassing the limits.

MockGo also supports multiple devices at the same time, meaning that if you have two iPhones, you can have a different location on each of them. In the app, we find the history of the positions, to be able to quickly set the recurring ones and the possibility of using GPX files with all the preloaded paths.


Undoubtedly, there are pros and cons, but we believe the advantages outweigh any disadvantages. On the one hand, this is one of those applications that prevent a jailbreak that doesn’t always go well… On the other hand, it presented itself as robust and fulfilling its actions.

Not least, highlight the fact that many tools and options are available, making the software accessible to any user, and, it seems, quite safe to use.

Finally, we have the least positive part that, even so, there is something we can give merit: it is commercial software. However, the price is enough and there are monthly or annual subscriptions and, for those who are willing, there is even a lifetime subscription (forever), which will be the most affordable!

In summary, for users who need it, Foneazy MockGo is worth every penny you ask for.

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  • Monthly subscription – $9.95
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  • Lifetime plan – $59.95

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