FQ777 F8 GPS Foldable RC Drone Review: A 5G WiFi FPV w/ 4K HD Camera 2-axis Gimbal Brushless drone


Drone, as we all know, is now a very common device used for shooting amazing ariel photos and videos. Lots of company has come with different products, but a big and pocket-size drone. But today we would be talking about the FQ777 F8 GPS 5G Foldable RC Drone which comes with lots of amazing features.

Buy FQ777 F8 Foldable RC Drone at $149.99

The FQ777 F8 Foldable RC Drone comes with a 2-axis self-stabilizing frame. The drone automatically adjusts its camera angle to display the best shooting angle. Yuntai has a rudder, which can adjust the image transmission angle at any time. It has a 120°wide-angle lens with a 2592*1520 high-resolution image. This is an amazing configuration to give you an amazing user experience.

The FQ777 F8 Foldable RC Drone features a modular battery. The modular battery design makes it to be more convenient and quickly replaced, creating an opportunity for long-distance flight. It is also embedded with various modes some of which include Intelligent “follow” mode: Wherever you go, the drone will follow where it is and then make a movie. Outdoor GPS positioning. Indoor light positioning.

Other features that this drone support includes, Intelligent points of interest: As long as the altitude and radius of the flight, the drone will fly around the target. Smooth brushless motor: low interference, energy-saving, low noise, long life. Waypoint Flight: Click on the desired waypoint on the flight map and the drone will fly from one waypoint to another. One-button/low-voltage/control loss returns to the home: In the event of an emergency, the automatic RTF function will automatically trigger, track the drone and return safely.

The FQ777 F8 Foldable RC Drone also features a highly anti-shake shooting: Ensures high-quality drone cameras by reducing blurring caused by in-flight vibrations. Headless mode free flight: Headless mode allows you to easily control the direction of the drone. Switch between different speed modes: With high wind resistance, just feel flying in the breezy days and switch speeds as you need.

Where To Buy The The FQ777 F8 Foldable RC Drone

The FQ777 F8 Foldable RC Drone is currently available on Banggood for $149.99

Buy FQ777 F8 Foldable RC Drone at $149.99

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