Freemax Maxus 2 Vs, Maxus Max Pro Vape Device Comparison Review


Freemax is one of the top makers of rugged vape devices with good specifications. The company has numerous models of vape devices vapers can choose from. Although, in comparison, the Freemax Maxus 2 vape device is not too different from the Maxus Max Pro vape device. However, these models of vape devices come with the needed features and specifications a rugged vape device should have.


On the design aspect, the Maxus 2 boast of an instant vaping process with fast and adequate heating structure. While the Maxus Max Pro features an IML screen that is perfectly equipped beneath the panel which is only visible when the device is turned on. Although, both models of vape pods are bent on delivering unparalleled clouds with enjoyable flavors.


On the other hand, the Maxus Max Pro 168W vape device uses the exact structure of Mesh Pro series coils and adopts industry-leading FM COILTECH4.0 mesh technology. While the Maxus 2 features the new industry-leading FM COILTECH5.0 Double-D mesh system which is powerful in order to take your vaping experience to the next level.


The Maxus 2 can be easily powered by an external dual 18650 battery with an adapter. While the Maxus Max Pro is also powered by two external 18650 batteries to deliver double endurance and sufficient power supply.


Where To Buy:

The Maxus 2 vape device is available for an affordable price tag different from the Maxus Max Pro vape device on the Freemax official website.


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