Freeton D18 Disposable Pod Review: Comes With 10 Different Colors


Freeton D18 Disposable Pod. Freeton D18 is a dispensable case with a 5ml E-juice limit, and a 900mAh battery limit, up to 1500 puffs. These independent vaporizers show up energized, pre-loaded up with nicotine salt e-fluid, and prepared to utilize. They arrive in a wide assortment of delectable flavors.

Freeton D18 Disposable Pod


If we talk about the design. It comes in a compact size and isn’t just very much planned on its appearance. Also, It outfitted with industry driving innovation. It goes with a diminished size of 20.6*102.2mm Also, Upon the feeble and more unobtrusive body, the cowhide surface and up-to-date cover make the LUXE Q even more alright with an enemy of sweat, taking steps to spread hold. It comes with the material of Metal+PCTG. D18 has the 41g lightweight

Freeton D18 Disposable Pod


Freeton D18 Disposable Pod has a secret battery, keep up draw-began. Similarly, it has a cowhide surface and in the current style cover, adversarial to perspire and against smear. The advanced construction forestalls E-juice spilling totally. More, It has 10 awesome Banana Ice, Strawberry Ice, Candy, Lush Ice, Guava mint, Mango Ice, Pineapple Ice, Cantaloupe, Orange Ice, Mint. There are 20mg and 50 mg nic for choosing. Also, Every one of these expendable vapes is intended to give somewhere close to 200 and 300 puffs and they convey an enormous apparatus or produce gigantic billows of fume. The drip tip is with an ergonomic design, which is very comfortable to fit your mouth.

Freeton D18 Disposable Pod


Freeton D18 Disposable Pod is one of the latest and compact size pods. It gives you excellent features with a compact design. Each pod is up to 1500 puffs, you can enjoy the smooth and fresh taste from each puff, and you can easily buy this from  Freeton Officials. So, what are you waiting for? why not just buy this newest pod at an extraordinary price.


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