Freeton Eco Vs, Freeton Miller Comparison Review


Most aspect of the comparison between the Freeton Eco and the Freeton Miller shows more difference in design, features, specifications, and also price. Although, these models of vape pods from Freeton are equipped with decent vaping specifications. It all depends on which you prefer after reading the quick comparison features and specifications.


Freeton Eco Main Features And Specifications:

  • 1. E-liquid Capacity: 12ml.
  • 2. Resistance Coil. 1.2- ohm mesh coil.
  • 3. Battery Capacity: 650mAh ( in-built ).
  • 4. Charging Interface: USB Type- C.
  • 5. Features: 3- level adjustment, 4500 puffs.
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The Freemax Eco features a large 12ml e-liquid tank capacity that can deliver up to 4500 satisfying puffs. While the Freeton Miller is associated with a 10ml e-liquid capacity tank that is able to deliver up to 3500 enjoyable puffs. On the other side of the comparison, the Freeton Eco is one of the company’s models of vape devices that comes with a 3-level adjustable airflow design while the Freeton Miller adopts a multiple airflow system that facilitates vaping stability thereby producing more enjoyable clouds.


Main Features And Specifications Of Freeton MILLER:

  • 1. E-liquid Capacity: 10ml.
  • 2. Nicotine Salt: 2% or 5%
  • 3. Battery Capacity: 1250mAh ( in-built ).
  • 4. Notable Feature: Multiple airflow system.
  • 5. Puffs: 3500.
  • 6. Dimensions: 30 x 91mm.
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Most vapers would admire the white lanyard attached to the Eco vape pod so as to make it easier to carry about.


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