Freeton Iris Mini Vape Pod Review


Freeton has numerous vape devices with exquisite designs. Although, the vape pods from this company still have good features and specifications despite their appealing price tags. Currently, the Freeton Iris Mini vape is available for purchase on the company’s official website. The main features and specifications of the Iris Mini vape pod is somthing to consider.

Features and specifications

In terms of design, the Iris Mini disposable vape pod adopts two ( 2 ) color gradient that makes the pod look more attractive and to the eyes. Despite the catchy look, it also adopt a portable design that makes the pod fit perfectly in your hand.

Review Design

Just like every other vape pod on the market today, the Iris Mini disposable vape pod features about ten ( 10 ) popular flavors to enjoy the pod with. These flavors includes; Lush Ice, Blue Razz, Strawberry Banana, Rose LITCHI, Energy Drink, Cool Mint, Pink LEMONADE, Aloe Grape, Gummy Bear, and Strawberry Kiwi.

Design, Price, Features

As a preferred choice of vape device to purchase, this vape pod from Freeton is equipped with an upgraded coil technology and a continuous formulated e-liquid to deliver the best vaping experience to users. Iris mini has dimensions of 87 x 15mm and weigh just 21 grams making it easy to carry and also to handle.

Main price, And Specifications

Where To Buy:

The Freeton Iris Mini vape is available for a pocket-friendly price on the company’s official website.



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