Freetontech Camera Box Vape Review: Comes With 500mah Battery


Freetontech Camera Box comes with consistently consolidates the striking camera picture with the disposables.  So, let’s review it.


Freetontech Camera Box has a novel mesh coil that lasts a long time, produces larger clouds, and produces flavorful vapes. The Camera Box is made in a way that draws attention right away. The pod’s innovative silicon design provides users with additional customization options and a comfortable grip. Also, The camera box is 96.1 mm high, 29.6 mm wide, and 19 mm thick. g. The ultra-comfortable soft silicone mouthpiece conforms perfectly to the contours of the mouth, resulting in an excellent MTL draw and throat hit while ensuring that no air escapes during inhalation.

Freetontech Camera BoxFreetontech Camera Box


The Camera Box Vape has a 1.2-ohm resistance mesh coil and a 16ml e-juice tank. A respectable 500mAh battery powers this pod, which can be charged through the USB Type-C port under the pod. It measures about two-thirds of the palm and is small and thin. It offers large 8000+ puffs of 16ml e-juice, making it extremely portable. It is the smallest device with the largest capacity. It symbolizes both practicality and design.

Freetontech Camera Box


Freetontech Camera Box Vape is another best product that gives you more than 8000 puffs. So, what are you waiting for? You can easily buy this from Freetontech officials.


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