Fresor Box Disposable Vape TPD Compliant (REVIEW)


The Fresor Box Disposable Vape has a pod that can hold up to more puffs and a 2.5mL e-juice tank with a mesh coil inside. So, let’s review it.

Fresor Box Disposable VapeFresor Box Disposable Vape


In terms of design, the Fresor Box Disposable Vape has a small, short, but fat body that looks like a smaller bottle for snuff or humidifier. The case has dimensions of 43*13*72mm and weighs lesser with its reduced plan. There is moreover a helpful rope on its body so it will in general be held tight in your neck or sack. It has a compact size with extra features.

Fresor Box Disposable Vape


Fresor Box Disposable Vape has an eco-friendly mouthpiece that fits the lips perfectly. It also has a sophisticated breeze stream system that prevents spills and ensures the right amount of puff is delivered. The ALD model of the vape device is specially designed to function with basic use. The control sensors come with the Fresor Box Disposable Vape. In a similar vein, the prefilled oil infusion is simple to use. In addition, the 580 mah battery is enormous. This has a limit of 2.5 ml for e-fluid.

Fresor Box Disposable Vape


Fresor Box Disposable Vape comes packed with great features. Additionally, it is quite small. So, why are you still waiting? This is easily available from officials at adlvapor officials.


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