FULCRUM MINIBOT 1.0 Review – Educational Full Assembled FDM 3D Printer at $145.99 From Gearbest


If you really want to see how a 3D printer works or even want to introduce your children to the hobby safely, the Fulcrum Minibot 1.0 is an interesting and small version of a fully suitable 3D printer from $145.99 on Gearbest.

Buy FULCRUM Minibot 1.0 3D Printer From Gearbest


The FULCRUM MINIBOT printer is equipped with a 2.8 ” color touch screen. From this screen, you will have access to all the basic functions of the printer. Operating the printer through this screen is very simple and intuitive. The printer system has 7 languages, including Russian. The printer platform is equipped with a special magnetic coating. During printing, the parts adhere perfectly to it, and after finishing work, the platform can be removed and the printed part can be easily removed.

FULCRUM MINIBOT 1.0 – This is one of the most compact 3D printers on the market today. Its external dimensions are 21x21x22 cm. Such a printer is easy to place in any workplace and does not take up much space. The minibot is a great printer to get started with 3D printing technology. It was designed specifically for schoolchildren, but this printer can handle adult tasks as well.

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FULCRUM MINIBOT the most compact 3D printer used by H-Bot axis motion kinematics. With this kinematics, all the moving parts of the printer are not loaded with the heavyweight of the stepper motors, which makes the axes move more accurately and smoothly. Unlike its competitors, MiniBot uses stepper motors to move all axes. The printer has an MK8 metal feeder. This simple and reliable element will ensure high-quality plastic flow.

Like all 3D printers, the FULCRUM Minibot 1.0 has parts that can be dangerous for the little ones, so they will need to be accompanied at all times. Allow children to use their fancy idea to make unique toys, thereby stimulating children’s imagination and creativity, and enhancing their ability to deal with various problems such as three-dimensional. No installation required can use out of the box to avoid inaccurate assembly during assembly and affect accuracy. The printer is fairly compact, and that also means it has a limited work surface. The work area will not exceed 75 mm wide, 70 mm high, and 70 mm deep.


The FULCRUM MINIBOT 1.0 Mini 3D Printer is delivered fully assembled and ready to work, it only remains to plug it in, refill the plastic and you can start printing! we can buy it from Gearbest at $145.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy FULCRUM Minibot 1.0 3D Printer From Gearbest


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