FULCRUM MINIBOT 1.0 Review – Mini Educational Full Assembled 3D Printer at $119.99 From Gearbest (Coupon)


The future world belongs to children, how to protect kids’ imagination? FULCRUM MINIBOT 1.0 would be a good choice, the small size does not take up too much space, the printing process has low noise and easy operation. The Fulcrum Minibot 1.0 is easy to use the 3D printer, which can be best described as suiting for enthusiasts making their first foray into 3D printing.

Buy FULCRUM Minibot 1.0 3D Printer From Gearbest


The FULCRUM Minibot 1.0 3D printer measures 210 x 210 x 220 mm and weighs just 3.5 kilograms. Its housing is made of ABS plastic, the pressure plate is magnetic. This makes it easier to remove the finished objects. The print files are saved on a micro SD card, transferred via USB cable or via Wi-Fi (module must be purchased separately). Transparent sidewalls make it possible to watch the printing and thus get to know the 3D printing process. The Minibot 1.0 has a maximum construction volume of 70 x 70 x 75 mm and reaches a maximum printing speed of 100 mm / s. In the language settings, you can choose between English, German, and five other languages. It works quietly and continues its work in the same place after a power failure.

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Like all 3D printers, the FULCRUM Minibot 1.0 has parts that can be dangerous for the little ones, so they will need to be accompanied at all times. Allow children to use their fancy idea to make unique toys, thereby stimulating children’s imagination and creativity, and enhancing their ability to deal with various problems such as three-dimensional. No installation required can be used out of the box to avoid inaccurate assembly during assembly and affect accuracy. The printer is fairly compact, and that also means it has a limited work surface. The work area will not exceed 75 mm wide, 70 mm high, and 70 mm deep.

It will, therefore, be limited to small objects such as figurines and it will not be possible. For example, to use it to create fixing systems for visors. Disassemble the magnetic platform to facilitate the pick-and-place model at any time to achieve humanized care. The transparent window prevents children from touching the hot nozzle during printing and ensures clear observation. This upgraded security measure makes this 3D printer particularly suitable for children. The interface has a good idea of being translated into several languages including French and the printer even includes an SD slot to allow us to load our projects without a computer. MiniBot 1.0 also offers a high level of precision reaching 0.1 mm. And the printer speed is between 30 and 60 mm / s.


FULCRUM Minibot 1.0 3D Printer is very suitable for promoting the three-dimensional perception of children so that they can feel the objective existence of the world, continuously improve their creativity, practical workability, problem-solving ability, etc. It is two-color the market of the best mini 3D printer for children and students. We can buy it from Gearbest at $119.99 by using Coupon Code: 3DMINISALE in Flash sale.

Buy FULCRUM Minibot 1.0 3D Printer From Gearbest


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