FUNSNAP Capture 2 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizing For Smartphone Review


The FUNSNAP Capture 2 Gimbal is a three-hub handheld gimbal uniquely intended for cell phones. It helps cell phone shooting procedures and making steady and smooth pictures. The Capture 2 Gimbal bolster the level and vertical situation of the portable phone. The shooting edge of the cell phone can be balanced physically and rapidly by controlling the catch to address the issues of day by day shooting and film generation.


Capture 2 is outfitted with solace grasp handle for your long-lasting taking care of ease. The tweak parchment wheel makes zoom extraordinary smooth and exact to let you catching precisely what you see. This astonishing FUNSNAP Capture 2 Three-pivot Handheld Gimbal stabilizer is intended for Bluetooth-empowered cell phones that include measurements inside 55mm-80mm in width. The cell phone handheld gimbal stabilizer is furnished with 3-pivot engines so as to dispose of vibration and shake.

Anyplace and whenever make brilliant and overly enduring recordings and photographs utilizing your own cell phone and this FUNSNAP Capture 2 Three-pivot Handheld Gimbal. FUNSNAP Capture 2 Three-hub Handheld Gimbal Made of strong compound material, the gimbal can deal with up to the 250g payload, which implies that it underpins about 98 percent telephones available. Additionally, the sliding arm makes it helpful to adjust the telephone so you can begin shooting right away.

Get familiar with FUNSNAP Capture 2 Gimbal Stabilizer

  1. 1.Mobile Phone Holder 2.Handle 3.Tilt Motor
  2. 4.Adjustable Arm 5.Pan Motor 6.Mode Indicator
  3. 7.Battery Indicator 8.Power/Moder Button 9.Joystick
  4. 10.Shooting Button 11.Trigger Button 12.Zooming Wheel
  5. 13.Micro USB 14.Roll Motor


FUNSNAP Capture 2 Three-hub Handheld Gimbal can utilize the telephone to shoot either a vertical way or even course by simply press one catch. In the wake of entering the face following mode, the camera will naturally shoot face when there is no development for 3 seconds. gives you a chance to move with the camera while shooting sprouting blooms or moving mists, for a much progressively powerful impact. Utilizing worked in high accuracy spinner sensors and the brushless engine to guarantee an increasingly stable film quick. For trying producers, another inherent zoom slider lets you totally work your cell phone camera from the handle with progressively liquid, realistic zoom. this handheld gimbal moves consequently 320° to catch various photographs at that point fastens them together to make a consistent picture. Hostile to Shake for Sport. capture 2 receives the fifth era wise adjustment framework, which ceaselessly changes and remunerates the mentality of cell phone while moving in games.

Conclusion and Verdict

FUNSNAP Capture 2 Three-pivot Handheld Gimbal utilizes the fifth era of the wise adjustment framework, which continually alters and repays the telephone’s stance while moving, enormously dropping the image shake, enabling you to shoot astonishing minute. We can get it from Amazon with the price listed below:

Without accessories
FUNSNAP Capture 2 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizing Smartphone Gimbal

Price: $99.99


With accessories
FUNSNAP Capture 2 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizing Smartphone Gimbal

Price: $119.99

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