FuriBee X215 PRO FPV Racing Drone With FrSky XM+ Receiver Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


This FuriBee X215 PRO racer of displays a more aggressive look than its competitors. It borrows from many other frames to propose a design that should ensure its solidity, especially by protecting the camera. The structure is carbon monobloc, with two aluminum parts to house the electronics.


FuriBee X215 Pro is made of thick and sturdy carbon fiber frame, 7075 aluminum alloy upper frame to protect FPV equipment. This quad is made for high-speed flight and it is designed to withstand a great shock at the time of a crash. As a result, it became a wonderful performance micro quad capable of flying like a big quad. The other FuriBee X215 Pro model has Frsky receivers, but you can also choose a PNP model without receivers. Since BetaFlight has been set up in advance, you can skip out of the box immediately.

the latest FuriBee X215 Pro has high-performance components, bringing you unprecedented FPV racing. With 3K carbon fiber material imported from England, reinforced by the aluminum parts, the airframe contributes to much higher maneuverability as well as the marvelous Holybro F4 FC and 4-in-1 BLHeli – S 30A DShot ESC. FuriBee X215 Pro features the arc shape 30 percent lighter, 50 percent stronger, with 4mm thick arm, solid aluminum parts which make it capable of coping with strong impact. The mini brushless RC racing drone has been made much more durable, which is comparable to the bigger frames with thick chassis. However, small as it is, it is even more maneuverable.


The combination of the most powerful 2206 brushless motors and aerodynamic three-blade propellers generate tremendous thrust for breathtaking high-speed flying. 1200TVL CCD camera, 5.8G video transmitter and Pagoda antenna allow you to get the high-quality image and get it transmitted without latency.


If you would like to fly brushless micro-quads comfortably in small parks and backyards, please consider this new FuriBee X215 Pro by all means. I think that this is the best (highest) among the current quads that can be bought at less than $200. As a matter of fact, all FuriBee X215 Pro version with receiver at $159.99 using Coupon Code: FBX215 and the PNP version without receivers at $149.99 use this  Coupon Code: FBX215W. It’s the most Featured brushless micro quad in the market.


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