Galaxy S10 Concept Reveals Samsung’s Gorgeous Future


The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the next great mobile phone of the South Korean brand, a phone that will continue to sell as much as the others in the Galaxy range. With the release of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung continues to demonstrate that it has things that it offers and how to differentiate itself from the rest, with very solvent cameras in all situations and a processor that allows them to build in a different way. Recently, a foreign media released a Samsung Galaxy S10 concept, so without further delay, we are going to it.

According to the concept, It can be seen that the forehead of the Smartphone will still be black, the edge of the screen is still curved, but the chin is shortened a lot. But on the whole, it is basically not a big change compared to S9, just a little narrower chin.

Ahead, you can see that the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen is not very big, it can be operated with one hand, the screen is still 5.8 inches AMOLED screen. Although it looks quite Gorgeous, it is still a little visual fatigue. The screen ratio is close to 88%, and the under-screen fingerprint is used to unlock.

Although the phone has no Notch on the top, the black-side part also uses 3D face recognition structure light, which has 45,000 3D face record data, which will be recognized after storage. In fact, the function is unlocked with the face of iPhone XS and Huawei Mate 20 Pro the same one.

On the back, you can see triple camera sensors, the position is designed in the middle which is the same as Huawei P20 Pro, the two lenses are designed together by the frame, the following is a single zoom lens, the pixel resolution of the three lenses It is 48MP + 20MP + 12MP. The main lens continues the zoom design.

Although there is not much change in appearance, the lens of the device is quite strong. Originally, the cameras and the screen are Samsung’s strengths. This time, although the appearance has not changed much, it has been upgraded too much in terms of functions.

Overall, this is a strong concept. It’s not too outlandish that it will never happen. In fact, it might closely resemble what Samsung unveils with the Galaxy S10 next year. So, what are you think about this Samsung Galaxy S10 concept, tell us in the comment section below.

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