Game Test Comparing Review Between the Huawei Honor V10 Vs OnePlus 5T


Today I’m going to do a Game comparison between Huawei Honor V10 Vs OnePlus 5T. OnePlus 5T is probably the most wanted Chinese smartphone in this period that is why it makes sense to compare these 2 smartphones to establish which is worth to buy. If you have a low budget and you are searching for the best high-end handset this comparison may be very useful for you as there are not many smartphones at the same level as these ones which are sold in the same price segment.

I think there are some people which didn’t like the OnePlus 5T because of some aspects. So, might they will like the Honor V10 after this comparison. Let us know which is better and which is going to be a real mid-range king of 2017 as for the display.

Nowadays, mobile games have gradually become a vehicle for the social life of users. If you don’t play games, you are probably not talking too much with your colleagues around. Now that consumers buy a mobile phone, many of the relationships are the experience of the game. We use the current popular online games “Glory to the King” and “Wildland Action” to compare the actual game performance of the One Plus 5T and Honor V10.

In “The King’s Glory” aspect, Oneplus 5T and Honor V10 both are support the high frame rate mode and can be opened in the design interface. After the high frame rate mode is turned on, the number of frames in the game can exceed the original limit of 30 frames, up to 60 frames, the entire screen will look smoother.

When it comes to the hottest game of 2018, there must be a lot of people consider the “The Jedi Survival Battle Royale”. As the heat of the game gradually rises, many game companies also follow the trend of launching the “Testing Game” of the mobile version. First test the “Wildlands Action”, in the game frame rate, Oneplus 5T, and Honor V10 both devices support high frame rate mode and both phones run games very smoothly.

Based on the Kirin 970AI chip, “The King’s Glory” has been specifically optimized to use AI game scenes to learn and can predict game scenes in real time to achieve intelligent schedule.

However, the biggest highlight of Honor V10 camera is still on the SoC, thanks to the performance brace of the AI processor Kirin 970, which allows the V10 to automatically recognize scenes when taking pictures, allowing the camera to automatically adjust to the appropriate parameters. The following two comparison charts.

The Honor V10 supports the AI high-magnification zooming, which allows you to clearly capture text at long distances. Instead of hardware-based zooming, the AI will “brain fill” the details of the image, giving you a better display when you zoom in.

The prices of both Smartphones on the official website of JD are all around 3,000 yuan (about $473.79). If you do not like second-hand Smartphones, Buyer has found that there are only 2,599 yuan (Equivalent $410.46) in the transfer, you can choose according to their own circumstances.

Finally, both the smartphones are great. But If you asked me which phone will I prefer that it will be Honor V10. Since it is a really a great mid-range. The biggest reason that I will prefer you the V10 is the AI technology. No doubt the OnePlus 5T is a tremendous phone for a heavy user. It is really very tough to choose the winner so, it is up to you choose Huawei Honor V10 with AI capabilities or choose the Oneplus 5T with Oxygen OS.

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