GameSir X2 Review – Game Controller for Android SmartPhone at $73.99 From TOMTOP


GameSir X2 is a controller with a wired connection by Type-C port directly, which greatly reduces the time required for the device’s signal to reach the mobile phone. It supports Microsoft’s xCloud, Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Parsec, LiquidSky, Vortex, Shadow Cloud Gaming.


You will be able to enjoy your video games in the easiest way. This new model of Gamesir is designed for you to control everything easily. It connects to your smartphone via its USB Type-C connection, the most stable connection you’ll find so that nothing can go wrong. Designed for smartphones of up to 6″, this is stable and high-quality. You can play for a long time thanks to its cooling design and the comfort provided by its e-sports levers and small buttons.

Plus, this model stands out for its XBOX XCloud support that will allow you to play the most spectacular XBOX Game Pass games. One of the most spectacular models you will find. GameSir X2 mobile controller supports multiple popular cloud gaming platforms such as Microsoft’s xCloud, Google’s stadia, and Vortex, etc. GameSir X2 is compatible with most cloud games and can bring you an outstanding experience. You also can enjoy more games like Fortnite, Modern Combat 5, Implosion, GTA: San Andreas, and More.


GameSir X2 Gaming Controller doesn’t contain a battery and you don’t worry about the battery life or charging it all the time but this gamepad is powered by the phone through the Type-C port When you playing games, which fully depends on your mobile phone. Don’t worry about the fact that the phone has to run games and power the GameSir X2 so that the battery will drain quickly. The GameSir X2 has extremely low power consumption. Taking your phone plug in the Type-C port, which will play games, you don’t need to press any button to turn on it. The adjustable range of GameSir X2 is up to 51°, which allows you to plug and unplug your mobile phone at ease, and protect it from damage.

GameSir X2 adopts the microswitch buttons with a service life of 3 million times; and the soft rubber grip that can provide a comfortable hand-held feeling. These are the designs of X2 in order to provide gamers with an excellent gaming experience. GameSir X2 is equipped with e-sports classic joysticks, comparable to professional-level controllers. This joystick will be more comfortable in game-playing. GameSir X2 has a screenshot button, gamers can keep the best game moments anytime. X2 has reserved a gap to ensure air circulation so that the phone can maintain good heat dissipation. Designed this gap on the controller for your mobile phone; don’t worry about your mobile phone heating in the games anymore.


With the new Gamepad GameSir X2, you’ll always be in control so nothing can stop you. You’ll enjoy the best games with great ease. A model designed for you to enjoy the best mobile games and; if you want, you can even play Xbox games. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $73.99 and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping


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