Gearbest 11.11 Sale arrived with up To 60% Discount and win Treasure Worth $1 Million


November 11 is celebrated in China as a single day, but it has grown into the world’s largest e-commerce party in recent years, with billions of merchandise sales a day. Gearbest started early on the day, beginning with the November 11th campaign, which will distribute merchandise at a cost of one million dollars. With various discounts and coupons, you can get some products half the price or even cheaper. Consume reasonably and buy your bargain here.

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There is now an opportunity to join the treasure hunt, which will give you many discount coupons and eventually a million dollars. The campaign comes with coupons, fastest buyer incentives, and the award of GB points, for example, just for signing in (which gets 2 GB points every day). By typing in the right keyword, you can find a very good deal. Also, some things are available for $ 11, though their real value can be many times higher.

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There are also discounts – for example, you can get less than $11 if you buy an item for over $11, so for some such price you can get it for free! For example, for a product worth over $111, you could get a $ 50 discount, all from November 4th. By opening treasure chests on the web, you can find valuable keys to them. Once you’ve collected four keys, you win a $100 shopping voucher. The keys must be different letters – G, E, A, and R. The final part of the campaign will see coupons raining down on $1 million worth of coupons and rolling out a wheel of luck that will also earn decent prizes – but only on November 11th.

These sales are sub-divided into five sub-sections which include Xiaomi 11.11 Deale, MUST-BUY ELECTRONICS, POINTS WITH DISCOUNT, SMARTER HOME, and More… if you are a strong Xiaomi fan like I am, then its time to hit Gearbest because Xiaomi’s special 11.11 sales on Gearbest is now active.

This sub-section basically has all sorts of Xiaomi smart bands (Band 4 and Band 3), wired earpiece, wireless Bluetooth earpiece, smart speakers, routers, TV boxes, printers and so on. Interestingly, ALL the Xiaomi products here come with price cuts. You can see what you stand to gain on the deal page. The smart-life sub-section basically has different Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaners and Smart Scales. These are devices that make work easier and helps us in our domestic chores. Just like the other sections, you can save up to $50 in this section.

If you think that this is not enough, at the bottom of the Gearbest 11.11 Sales Promotional Page are links to other promo pages. As we have already said, take the time because the offer is rich and interesting, it’s worth paying a look at the “sting” a handy product at a discounted price. I’m sure this Gearbest 11.11 Sales is very useful for all and don’t forget all items are available at a very limited time duration and with very few units, so hurry up and take your Products. Also, Check this Gearbest 11.11 Sales All Categories Page Here.

Go On Gearbest 11.11 Sale


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