GearBest Black Friday 2018 Offers Best Discounts And Deals You Don’t Want To Miss!


The Epic Black Friday GearBest Sale is upon us. From November 14 to Dec 3 (inclusive), it’s nothing but the best deals on the coolest gear at GearBest. With almost 3 weeks of discounts, this mega sale event will keep you and your wallet smiling. With this Black Friday shaping up to be the biggest ever, get ready for monster-sized sales event with this essential guide.

The interesting thing about this deal is that they all come with a price cut thus you will be saving a whole lot. Gearbest also has the super “Flash Sales”. On this sales, you got numerous products like XGIMI H1 DLP Projector with 900 ANSI Lumen selling for only $629.99 (Original price is $800+). The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 ($4GB+64GB) is also selling for only $209.99. These deals are just too good to be true but they are honestly true.

As part of this Black Friday deal, we have “Fashion & Style” sales. In this sale, you have the opportunity to purchase all sorts of fashion products which includes shoes, bags, dress, watches, caps, gloves and so much more.

You have between November 14th (07:00 UTC start) and November 21st (06:59 UTC stops) to pay a deposit of $10 or $5 depending on the product contained on the link below. After you pay the deposit, you have to pay the balance between November 21st (07:00 UTC start) and November 26th (07:00 UTC stop). The benefit of paying this deposit is that the final price is way cheaper. Example: The price of a product is $ 100 and it has a $ 10 deposit offer with $ 30 savings. If you make your deposit of $ 10, upon completing the payment you must pay $ 60, making a total of $ 70, so you will save $ 30!

There is also a very interesting category called “BATTLE of the BRANDS”. A few years ago, nobody knew much about Xiaomi but today, everybody wants to own a Xiaomi device. This category is bringing out some brands that you may not really know but they have massive products and you will not like to miss these deals. There are many more deals on this Gearbest Black Friday Pre-Heating deals.


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