“Gearbest Flash Sale” Discount Price Vernee Mix 2 now in Just $159.99


Vernee in this 2017 exercise and is that one of the observed Chinese association arrived immediately to their course of action in the clash of the most hoisted extent of the wireless publicizing, giving regards the typical Vernee MIX 2 nearby its one of a kind shape in our review. Vernee MIX 2 that has met wants, at any rate to some degree and that will have nothing to begrudge the best in the Android list to try to twist up again the benchmark of the world market, as it was a year prior its precursor the Mi MIX and its frontal-essentially all screen.

The diagram has been altered to adjust it more, the housings have been subjected to an eating routine of reducing to diminish them by 12% and abuse far unrivaled the front, the edges have twisted sensibly and the more conspicuous accomplishment of the device may have gone with the decline of its screen slanting from 6.44 to 6.0 inches.The Vernee MIX 2 has 6.0-inch screen is extraordinary, since it has OLED advancement and an assurance of 1080 x 2160 pixels, in like manner, this decrease in thickness is compensated for having such gigantic quantities of inches.

One detail is that the screen has a perspective extent of 18 by 9, which is the reason when you play video with the Verne MIX 2 this does not include the entire screen.The Vernee MIX 2 in the investigation has the MediaTeklio P25 processor, another and mid-broaden MediaTek CPU of this 2017, is the best that exists in the market, so the execution is extraordinary, a phone totally appeared to play and use any application concentrated.

In the back, the Vernee MIX 2 has its one of a kind check sensor, works story and reliably have not had the ability to put in the front, so it is a phone with the full screen and thusly, there is no room in the front to put neither gets nor anything.

The essential camera is 13 megapixels notwithstanding 5 megapixels, that has given such incredible results, this is perhaps the weakest piece of the terminal, doubtlessly the cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus or Galan/57 Edge are better than the Vernee MIX 2.It doesn’t mean it isn’t completely top of the line, clearly, it records video a: 4K and has optical picture change, it will satisfy most of the customers. the13MP turn around cameras, camera for selfies has 8 megapixels and is wide-point, as you see it isn’t for rockets, in spite of the way that it meets its objective, the sensor is furthermore Omnivision stamp, especially the model OV5675, assume it isn’t a flexible where have been mindful of the portion of photos.


Gearbest giving the best flash sale of Vernee Mix 2, it has 4G LTE support, Dual rear camera, long last battery of 4200mah, the phone itself has many features for all type of customer’s. it is easily available on Gearbest with the price of $159.99.


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