GeekBuying 11.11 Promotion is LIVE: Checkout and Win A Massive $1111 Off Coupon


November 11 is an important date in China, a day when stores are filled with discounts. Geekbuying is already one of the first to start with these discounts. The well-known store begins with a series of promotions, which will be held until 11-11. Exclusive discounts, in addition to the possibility of obtaining coupons for discounts of 1111 dollars. The 2018 11.11 SALE at Geekbuying will be no different! To fully take advantage of Geekbuying’s massive 11.11 SALE there are a few things you need to know.

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Already at the very beginning of the 11.11 Sale page at Geekbuying, you will see that the first ten days are split into dates in three parts, and in each of them you can make great purchases and pay it all less. Action sales are divided into:

  • From 01-04.11. – coupon codes up to $ 1.111
  • From 05-09.11. – More than 3,000 products at significantly reduced prices
  • From 10-11.11. – 48 hours of totally crazy sales

From 11.1 until 11.9 there is an activity called “Daily Check-in”. If you simply go to our 11.11 promotion page each day from 11.1 to 11.9 and click the “Check-in” icon, you will win a $20 OFF coupon. This coupon can be used to purchase any item on our site including items that are already on sale! What a deal!

  • $2 off $10 01GEEKBUY 100pcs daily
  • $2 off $30 02GEEKBUY No limit
  • $5 off $30 03GEEKBUY 100pcs daily
  • $7 off $70 04GEEKBUY 100pcs daily
  • $15 off $200 06GEEKBUY 50pcs daily
  • $50 0ff $700 07GEEKBUY 50pcs daily

On top of that, one lucky winner amongst the participants in the Daily Check-in will win an $1111 coupon! This coupon will act as store credit and can be used to purchase anything you desire!

Offer is really rich and varied, and to make it easier to find the offer is divided into individual categories. The first category is “Flash Deals” where you will find products at significantly lower prices but in a shorter time period and in limited quantities. The “Top Picks” category is also good, where the products are offered by the choice of a webshop, which are found in special subcategories. Make sure you also use the coupon codes that come in certain categories, which is clearly highlighted.

There are some products in flash sale which you can buy at the lowest price:

The Extra Value Coupon section has hidden coupon codes that can be accessed by clicking the social share icon. These coupons are particularly good because they have no limit. These codes can be used at checkout and will be deducted from your total purchase value.

During the 48HR SHOPPING SPREE, there will be a section called “Share to Unlock”. In this section, you will find a handful of trendy products with a massive discount. Each product has a locked discount price with a button that says “Share now”. The discount price will be unlocked after the share now button has been clicked on a certain number of times. So make sure you share to save even more!

Below the Share to Unlock section there is a Double Savings Zone. This section will say something like this: “Spend $100 Save $50”. This means if you buy over $100 worth of products from this section you will get $50 off at checkout.

We certainly recommend visiting the 11.11 Sale page at Geekbuying, offering a rich, low-priced, coupon code is a handful, has something for everyone.


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