GeeMo X4 Review – Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Home & Car at $59.99


GeeMo X4 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner‘s lightweight body is less than 1KG, cleaning the entire family is not tiring, is a good helper. Choose GeeMo X4 to make your life easier and more convenient. The handheld vac can help you easily clean debris in the space and remove hair or dust on delicate surfaces and interiors such as carpets, sofas, car seats, etc.


GeeMo X4 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner weighs only 2 pounds, is similar to the weight of two small pillows, is light, and where you are, you can move freely without using clumsy and tangled ropes to help you get rid of tired cleaning. Due to its efficient design, the cordless vacuum cleaner lowers its noise level of less than 75dB and keeps powerful suction capability when operating, which is quieter than most handheld vacuums allowing you to clean without disturbing your families’ peace and rest.


GeeMo X4 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner adopts an advanced motor that provides suction up to 8500Pa. With its wet & dry design, this cordless hand vac picks up debris, liquid, crumbs, and pet hairs in a minute. Sounds of less than 75 decibels are unlikely to scare your pets or wake up sleeping children. Powerful suction and lower noise offer a relaxing atmosphere for your cleaning. This hand vacuum is a good gift for your family.

The filter and dust cup can be easily removed and cleaned. Please clean the filter in time after use, which will help the life of the vacuum cleaner and bring more fresh air to the family. GeeMo X4 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner features 2200mAh fade-free lithium-ion battery, which can run for up to 25 mins. The handheld vacuum cleaner with a long-lasting working time could efficiently improve your cleaning experience!


This GeeMo X4 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner can be used anywhere. 8.5Kpa super suction instantly provides a powerful cleaning function for your car, bedroom, kitchen, or office. We can buy it from Amazon at $59.99 in Flash Sale.


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