GEPRC CineLog 25 Review – FPV Racing RC Drone at $189.99 From Banggood in Flash Sale


GEPRC has just launched the GEPRC CineLog 25 CineWhoop FPV RC Drone, a revolutionary new drone that is sure to shake up the industry. With three different versions available – the CineLog 25 HD PRO, CineLog 25 HD Nano, and CineLog 25 Analog – this drone offers something for every user. Each version is assembled and debugged by the GEPRC team to ensure a smooth flight experience and excellent performance. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or just looking for a fun hobby, the CineLog 25 has every attribute you could want in a drone. So get ready to experience the future of flying with the


GEPRC CineLog 25 is a lightweight quadcopter designed for video production, equipped with a GoPro Lite camera. It features a popular backward push design and optimized propeller thrust-weight ratio for improved flight efficiency. The drone’s layout places the camera at the center of the quadcopter for a balanced center of gravity and quiet operation. The camera mount and GoPro Lite also feature a redesigned shock absorption structure to reduce vibrations and noise. The CineLog Whoop Quadcopter also boasts a new, ultra-light carbon plate design for a 20% increase in strength and a 15% increase in efficiency.

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The GEPRC CineLog 25 Whoop Quadcopter is a high-performance drone; that features a number of advanced technologies to improve its stability, efficiency, and flight time. One of the key features of this drone is its new camera damping system; which eliminates video jelly and vibration in the FPV camera. The damping construction can be adjusted for different flight states and there are multiple damping rings to provide sufficient stability. Another key feature is the exclusive pusher frame design, which includes an ultra-light carbon plate and new materials to increase strength by 20% and efficiency by 15%.

The quadcopter also has low noise optimization with increased air inlet volume and EVA foam cushioning; as well as a long-range flight capability thanks to high-efficiency power matching and the latest motor power output scheme. Additionally, the GEPRC CineLog 25 quadcopter has a low center of gravity design and is compatible with most mainstream cameras; including the SMO 4K, Gopro6 Lite, and Gopro8 Lite (coming soon). It also has DJI HD Goggles and an adjustable lens angle; EVA foam cushioning, optimized bottom design, and camera power line output.


The GEPRC CineLog 25 CineWhoop FPV RC Drone is a high-performance drone that features a number of advanced technologies and design elements to provide the best possible flight experience. Additionally, the CineLog Whoop Quadcopter has its own camera power line output and video recording wire; allowing for easy control of the camera through the remote controller. You can buy it from Banggood at $189.99 in Flash Sale for a limited time.


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