Get Andoer Photography Kit at €101.99 From TOMTOP and Delivered From EU Warehouse


Andoer photography Kit is perfect for portrait shooting. It creates soft, feathered light. Made of unique material, it’s lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, and designed to be compact and portable, and can be carried in your kit easily. Boasting solid build quality, powerful lights, and praised for its portability and versatility, the Andoer lighting kit delivers on every level.


The Andoer lighting kit helps you set up the perfect environment for capturing high-quality photos. This kit comprises two softboxes, two 5-in-1 light holders, ten bulbs, two light stands, and one carrying bag. The softbox gets rid of the shadow and provides a soft light stream to beautify a photo. It is convenient to use at a stretch, thanks to its temperature resistance ability.

Furthermore, the softbox features a high-quality flash cloth that disperses maximum light. The 45W bulbs offer a bright environment for capturing photos. The color temperature of 5500K gives you perfect bright light that enhances the quality of a captured image.

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The lighting kit has various features that make it a preferred choice for most professional photographers. The light emitted is bright and beautifies the captured photo. Furthermore, the tripod stand is made from lightweight aluminum that makes it easy to carry in the bag that comes along with this kit.

Setting up the perfect environment and assembling these various components is fairly simple and requires minimal time to do so. The tripod stand provides a perfect sturdy base for setting up these components. Andoer photography Kit for professional/home studio. Easy to install and use. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €101.99 and Delivered from EU Warehouse.



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