Get ATOMSTACK S10 Pro Laser Engraving Cutting Machine at $474.84 From TOMTOP (Coupon)


ATOMSTACK S10 PRO is an eye-protecting laser engraving machine with a laser power of 10W. It has an engraving area of 410x400mm and an all-aluminum alloy structure, which can be installed quickly. A10 Pro supports engraving materials including metal, 304 mirrors stainless steel, high-energy wood, CNC, wood, slate, etc. It is high-power, high-energy laser cutting equipment, and supports offline engraving. A10 Pro has an emergency stop button and a horizontal gyroscope; so that it can achieve a safe 150W CO₂ laser engraving effect.

The all-aluminum alloy anodized structure design makes the ATOMSTACK S10 PRO machine more durable and improves the accuracy of engraving. The entire structure has been designed for quick assembly, and the assembly can generally be completed within 10-20 minutes. The panoramic filter glass protective cover plays a very good role in protecting your eyes, filtering 97% of the ultraviolet light; you and the people around you do not need to wear goggles, you can also watch laser engraving. Reduce the cost of your goggles and the inconvenience of wearing goggles.

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No need to adjust the focus before engraving; The focal spot area of the new laser is only 1/3 of the spot area of other ordinary lasers, new laser combines precision engraving and high energy cutting at the same time. The laser power of the fixed-focus laser is more stable than the zoom laser. The ATOMSTACK S10 PRO can be compatible with various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, support Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 / Win 11, and also support MAC system (LightBurn), engraving file format supports NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.

There are precise scale lines on the X-axis and Y-axis to facilitate quick length measurement. 410x400mm large area engraving interval can meet your various engraving needs. An ultra-fine laser focus area is reduced to 0.08*0.08mm; the high-density laser can easily cut 20mm thick wood, 15mm thick black acrylic; can directly engrave mirror stainless steel metal, ceramics, glass, and engraving &The cutting speed is 40% higher than the ordinary model, which can be comparable to the effect of the 150W CO₂ laser engraving machine.

The machine uses an integrated screw rod instead of a combined coupling. The stepping motor and the screw rod are integrated; which makes the movement of the laser more precise and the coupling more durable. It is more convenient and quick to adjust the height of the laser. ATOMSTACK S10 PRO configures the terminal control panel, supports offline engraving, you can carry out engraving work anytime and anywhere without being restricted by the computer. You can buy it from TOMTOP at $474.84 by using Coupon Code: S10PRO and ship from China Warehouse with DUTY-FREE SHIPPING.


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