Get BEEBEST XA90 Professional Astronomical Telescope at $169.99 From Banggood (Coupon)


The vast universe contains many planets and constellations. Want to see volcanic craters on the Moon? Or watch the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter? With the BEEBEST XA90 telescope, this has become possible. The BEEBEST telescope is supplied with a comfortable aluminum alloy tripod and a robust protective case with a company logo. The telescope has a special stand for placing a smartphone no more than 80 mm wide. When the smartphone is placed on the eyepiece, astronomical observations will be recorded as a video. Thanks to this, you can watch the “epic” recording of the starry sky and share it with your friends.

Additional product features

Among other features of the BEEBEST telescope, it is worth noting:

  • Wide viewing angle – 45 degrees.
  • Circular rotation mechanism.
  • Fine guidance system.
  • The ability to install and connect a smartphone.

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In the BEEBEST XA90 telescope, the manufacturer uses a lens with a diameter of up to 90 mm. With such a large diameter, the lens will cover more light for better picture quality and clarity. In addition, the lens has a multi-layer FMC (Fully Multi-Coated) structure, which helps to reduce reflection and improve the light transmission field. Manufacturer BEEBEST focuses on the quality and reliability of its products. This is why the telescope has robust, shock-resistant housing. The BEEBEST XA90 telescope comes standard with PL6 (100x) and PL20 (30x) eyepieces. Each of the lenses has an FMC coating, which significantly reduces light loss and makes the picture clearer.

The BEEBEST XA90 telescope has a 45 ° tilt mirror and two eyepiece options: PL6 with 100x magnification and PL20 with 30x magnification. Thanks to this, it is possible to observe both terrestrial objects and celestial ones. Explore the lunar surface, view scenic landscapes, your city, or follow the movement of the planets in our solar system. And if you wish, you can also watch the stars from distant constellations. The 6×30 optical viewfinder helps you to quickly and conveniently aim at the desired object. In addition, the Xiaomi telescope is equipped with the EQ-1 equatorial mount and other professional tools that make it easy to set up and search for space bodies.

Place your phone in a dedicated stand and connect to your device to capture and share amazing images from space. Send your friends your own photos of Jupiter flying past a comet, the constellation Orion, or publish on your page on the social network. The aluminum tripod helps to stably position the telescope on almost any surface. You can easily sit in the yard, on the balcony, or in the clearing in the park to watch the night sky. You can buy it from Banggood at $169.99 in Flash Sale by using Coupon Code: BG500d78 and also check out this amazing Banggood’s 11.11 sale activity.


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