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If you are a lover of outdoor walks, this article is for you, without a doubt, bicycles do not go out of style and the benefits that they provide neither, to your health when exercising, breathing fresh air, you do not consume as much energy or fuel when avoid using cars, etc. Today we will talk about the CMACEWHEEL GW20 Folding electric Moped Bike, one that stands out among its many counterparts thanks to its folding feature, its versatile design and its great power with three modes.

Buy CMACEWHEEL GW20 at Geekbuying

Definitely what we need from our means of transport is comfort and versatility, which adapts to our lifestyle and makes it easier for us and in this aspect the CMACEWHEEL GW20 Folding electric Moped Bike is ideal, mainly because of its folding capacity with which you can save money. Space, small by nature but made of sturdy materials with the aluminium alloy shell; a strategically located LED light in front; with a plastic protector above the rear wheel to prevent splashing; comfortable padded seat, adjustable seat and steering wheel. The CMACEWHEEL GW20 Folding electric Moped Bike has an approximate weight of 27 kilograms.

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CMACEWHEEL GW20 adopts a 48V 750W high-capacity lithium battery, which is the same specification lead-acid battery weight. 1/3 of the size of a car, easy to carry, equipped with the battery lock. Safety and anti-theft, front lens headlights, rain and fog still clear warning; safety, and security 110 large drum brakes front and rear, shorten the braking distance, longer mudguard design; prevent rain sweeping water pollution clothing, encrypted bottom; Mesh basket for small items to drop. Extended rear seat cushion with rear cushion for comfort and safety, total weight about 26.8KG.

CMACEWHEEL GW20 electric bicycle adopts a double disc brake, which is more reliable and safe. The 750W ultra-strong motor is 3 times as powerful as an ordinary electric scooter, making climbing more labour-saving. It is small and light and can be placed and carried everywhere. Front LED headlights, phoenix honking horn. The USB mobile phone bracket is charged with energy. The front fork lengthens the shock absorption system and is not afraid of turbulence.

CMACEWHEEL GW20 Folding electric Moped Bike will be our faithful companion to reach any destination we want in a comfortable, fast and safe way. It’s currently in the sale on Geekbuying with a great price tag of $1079.99 by using Coupon Code: GKB512S and Ship from Eu Warehouse.

Buy CMACEWHEEL GW20 at Geekbuying


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