Get Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium Portable 3D Scanner at €479.04 at CAFAGO


Scan, edit, and recreate a wide range of objects with the Creality CR-Scan Lizard Premium. Whether you are looking to preserve, study, or copy, the CR-Scan Lizard provides you with an accurate digital file of whatever you scan, making this ideal for all sorts of creative projects. Scan small parts with up to 0.05mm accuracy, offering improved precision when reading finer details. No-marker scanning leverages an intelligent algorithm to enhance 3D scanning without the need for applying stick markers even for larger objects. An array of digital tools provides you with a wide range of utilities when cleaning your model including auto-alignment, auto-noise removal, auto-model simplified topology, and more.

The intelligent algorithm makes 3D scanning as easy as taking a video. This kit comes with a tripod and turntable and supports three scanning modes; which can scan objects of different sizes and meet various scanning circumstances and requirements. No need to stick markers for any mode, even for big parts like the engine hood; car door, front or rear bumpers, and so on. The design of different scanning modes aims to offer users the choice of the mode switch and find out the most suitable one under various circumstances. Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium scan 15 mm – 1500 mm objects with support for three scanning modes; turntable scanning, handheld scanning, and handheld plus turntable scanning.

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Designed by multi-spectral optical technology; CR-Scan Lizard maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight, and supports scanning black objects as well; vastly improving environmental adaptability. Easily capture every detail no matter the environment or model color with multi-spectral optical technology which enables scanning in bright sunlight and better material adaptability with dark object scanning. You can also capture colors and designs with True Color Fidelity which automatically maps colors to models using automation software; LED and NIR light source, and 10 fps scan speed.

Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium Software

You can use the CR-Scan Lizard in a turntable or handheld mode, allowing you to capture details in various forms. Turntable mode can scan objects up to 11″ while handheld offers support for objects up to 59″. Scan objects up to 19″ when you mix handheld and turntable modes together. Save and share your scans with the Creality Cloud software; allowing you to enable slicing and printing capabilities with just one click. The CR-Scan Lizard includes everything you need to get your scanning started including a turntable; tripod, necessary cables, and a nifty carrying case so you can keep everything organized. You can buy it from CAFAGO at €479.04 (Inclusive of VAT) and Delivered from China Warehouse, with free shipping.


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