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If you are thinking of a compact city e-bike that can handle the terrain or snow, then the Fiido M1 PRO may be the bike just for you. It offers not only high performance but also a very decent range. This relatively small e-bike has a powerful 500W motor, which is located in the rear wheel. A high-quality Shimano gearbox and safety in the form of high-quality disc brakes ensure trouble-free operation.

Buy Fiido M1 PRO at Geekbuying

For many, speed and range are key features of e-devices. Fiido M1 PRO has a flashlight with a capacity of up to 12.8 mAh. Under certain circumstances, it will offer a really perfect range of up to 130 km. This range can be achieved by activating the most basic auxiliary mode and with a rider weight of about 75 kg. In pure electric mode, the range is approximately 45-65 km.

The battery consists of ion cells in size 18650. The supplied EU adapter charges this e-bike in 9 hours. But this is nothing special with this manufacturer, and we also experienced a long charge with the Fiidoo D4S city ​​bike. Although charging takes longer, the manufacturer states a battery life of up to 500 cycles. If you charge the Fiido M1 PRO every other day, your batteries will last at least 3 years.

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The Fiido M1 PRO also offers a fairly high top speed. With a 500W engine, this e-bike can increase power up to 850W and in pure electric mode, go fast up to 40 km / h. With relatively small 20 ″ wheels, this can look interesting.

The Fiido M1 PRO boasts good suspension on both wheels. There is also a mechanical lock-out on the front wheel. It is a system that completely encloses the compression cartridge. The “shock absorber” will “malfunction” and make the bike an emotional hardtail, which some riders appreciate when stepping uphill or on straights.

The advantage of the Fiido M1 PRO  “terrain” e-bike is the ability to fold it and thus better carry or store it. You will definitely appreciate it, especially when traveling by car or train. The handy handle, which is located under the seat, will also help you carry it. Since this is a fat bike, the manufacturer used a rough one 20 ″ tires of first-class quality. Thanks to them, your path will be comfortable, whether you drive along an asphalt road or a bumpy forest path. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $1149.99 by using Coupon Code: GKB590S and ship from the EU warehouse

Buy M1 PRO at Geekbuying


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