Get Foldable Calculator & 6 Inch LCD Writing Tablet at $13.06 From CAFAGO


This Foldable Calculator is not only a calculator with all the functions of a standard calculator but also a writing tablet that can take notes, which can be erased up to 500,000 times over the lifespan. This notepad is a combination of a standard calculator and a writing board. With the stylus pen magnetically attached to its side, you can calculate and record at any time.

Buy from CAFAGO at $13.06

This writing board also has a lock key that could prevent accidental erasing. No more worrying that important notes are accidentally deleted. Whenever and wherever you use the calculator, you can record the number. The writing pad supports repeated writing and paper-free, with no ink and no dust. LCD screen, no blue light, protect eyes.

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With an erase button, you can clear the full screen with a click. The lock key can prevent accidental deletion. Powered by 2 * CR1220 button battery, no need to charge and connect, ultra-low power consumption, long service life. The keyboard of the calculator is silicon-made, which gives you a much more comfortable touch feeling and a silent using experience.

This lightweight Calculator is clamshell, with this feature, the keyboard can be well protected. And its portable size will allow you to take it out anywhere. mall and portable, folding storage, very suitable for children or adults use in home, office, school, etc. We can buy it from CAFAGO at $13.06 in Flash Sale.

Buy from CAFAGO at $13.06


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