Get FUCHU 6L 1200W Electric Air Fryer at $89.99 with Discount Coupon


Keep cooking simple with the FUCHU 6L Electric Air Fryer . Its compact frame makes it perfect for small spaces, while the 6L capacity and temperature range of up to 450°F make no compromises. This FUCHU 6L Electric Air Fryer comes with 1200W high power and 6L large capacity. Without frying in oil, 360° hot air high-speed circulation, high temperature instead of hot oil fast embrittlement food, you can make low-fat food at home, you can make pizza, French fries, egg tarts, roast chicken and other food.

The FUCHU 6L Electric Air Fryer is controlled by a touch screen panel, which clearly shows the time and temperature. The operation is very simple and not tedious; the intelligent menu shows that a simple press can be set; a long press the shutdown button can be closed, and the novice xiao Bai can also easily cope with it. The air fryer is equipped with overheating protection, automatic opening after high-temperature overload, rear cooling and exhaust vents, prolong the service life of the product, the bottom is equipped with a pad, increases friction, and not easy to fall, the design is very humane and safety.

This FUCHU 6L Electric Air Fryer comes with a detachable non-stick grill. Teflon non-stick coating is used on the lining and grill to prevent food from sticking to the grill; which effectively filters oil and makes it healthier to eat and easier to cl-ea-n. The air fryer has the appointment timing function; which can put the prepared ingredients into the oven and wait for the appointment time. The frying basket with a handle can be pulled out to check the food condition; which can control the heat better.

Extra guests, or just extra hungry. Either way, this FUCHU 6L Electric Air Fryer was thoughtfully designed with the whole family in mind. The spacious 6-liter unit allows you to make plenty of food so you can make enough food for the whole family right on your countertop; without having to heat up your oven. Right now you can buy FUCHU 6L Electric Air Fryer from Amazon at $83.99 by using Coupon Code: TEIDI3Q8 until 9/30/2022 at 23:59 PM PDT.


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