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Xiaomi HIMO V1S Electric Bicycle is an electrical bike with 250W engine power. Transport can develop maximum speed is 20 km / h. The lithium-ion battery provides the autonomous work of the device with a maximum range of 30 km, which is usually enough for the whole day. This bike has a moped mode which enables you to drive 50 km on a single charge.

Buy Xiaomi HIMO V1S Electric Bicycle at Geekbuying

The HIMO V1S Electric Bicycle is compact and can be folded for comfortable transport. The saddle is adjustable to suit any owner’s height and the aluminium alloy body can withstand a load of up to 100 kg. With a weight of 16.7 kilograms and dimensions of 1080 x 510 x 1020mm. You can easily see how the overall size of the bike has been reduced, bringing the distance between the handlebar and the rear wheel closer. According to those responsible, far from being somewhat uncomfortable when using it, it has greater ergonomics for a conventional human body.

One of the points that are appreciated in this XIAOMI HIMO V1S corresponds to completely hiding all its cables inside. Logically also allows it to be resistant to contact with water. Whether it be puddles, rain, or when the user wants to clean it in a way traditional. Its tests on 20,000 vibrations also indicate a very good resistance to its circuits. With a 250W motor and 12-inch diameter tires, it promises quick response and great efficiency for speed changes. And withstanding elements of physics such as wind blow when driving downhill.

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Under the seat, it is possible to find the Lithium-Ion battery module integrated into the XIAOMI HIMO V1S. Its simple use and maintenance process allow it to reach autonomies that exceed 50 kilometres of driving with a kinetic energy conversion efficiency of 85%. Then, when recharging it, it takes approximately 6.5 hours (the useful life of 500 charges). In the field of handling, there is a monochrome panel located on the handlebar that facilitates the display of exercise data (speed and distance travelled). And in what state the bicycle is (remaining battery).

In short, its wheels not only have high resistance to shocks. But also prevent slipping on any type of ground surface. As for its braking system, an improvement in its performance has been included. Both in conventional situations and in those where the sidewalk is wet or the weather conditions are not favourable. Its braking disc allows you to stop completely at distances of 4 meters on dry and 6 meters on wet floors. There are three physical buttons, one for power, one for changing drive modes. And one for going back to the menu. To finish, almost next to the rear wheel of this XIAOMI HIMO V1S is possible to find a small waterproof box that corresponds to a tool kit that is always available.

The folding electric bicycle Xiaomi HIMO V1S is a variant of the Xiaomi HIMO V1. Although aesthetically equal, the Xiaomi HIMO V1S Electric Bicycle can reach 25 km / h (5 more than the V1). And is equipped with a larger 7.8 Ah battery which guarantees up to approximately 60 km of autonomy. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $585.99 by using coupon code: GKB545S in 11.11 Promotion Sale.

Buy Xiaomi HIMO V1S Electric Bicycle at Geekbuying


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