Get JANOBIKE T10 PRO Dual Motors Folding Electric Scooter at €899.99 From TOMTOP


Lovers of fast driving and electric scooters should definitely be warned! The electric scooter is no longer just a city shifter, but can also offer a mound of fun and adrenaline. A great example is the really top-equipped electric scooter JANOBIKE T10 Pro offering power up to 2 x 1200W and a maximum speed of 70 km / h. Unrivaled acceleration is complemented by a large battery providing a range of up to 80 km. Such above-average parameters would mean an insanely high price for the vast majority of branded scooters, which is not the case with this model.

The JANOBIKE T10 Pro scooter will definitely not be lost even in fast city traffic. Power of 2 x 1200W and a maximum of up to 70 km / h is definitely underfoot. However, the propulsion system will not only support you in urban conditions but also in more demanding terrain. This is because a pair of electric motors ensures sufficient power even in the hills, thanks to which the scooter prides itself on being able to handle a maximum incline of up to 35 ° and carry up to 200 kg!

In this case, a really massive battery with 18650 cells goes hand in hand with the drive system. The battery capacity is up to 23 Ah, which is above average in the world of electric scooters. Thanks to it, the scooter offers a range of the aforementioned 80 km. The average user does not have to reckon with daily charging, as few people can manage such a distance in one day. The battery itself can be found in a wide base, which offers more and more comfortable space for the user’s feet.

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The extreme portion of performance requires above-average safety equipment to ensure that scooter riding is safe at all times. The manufacturer, therefore, reached for several advanced solutions. We will mention, for example, the double suspension of the front and rear wheels, a rigid iron-aluminum frame, or reinforced tires with a distinctive tread. Of course, there is also “mandatory” equipment in the form of disc brakes and front and rear LED lighting.

Fans of a comfortable ride, for example at longer distances, will certainly enjoy the presence of a sprung seat. We should not forget about other accessories in the form of a tilting side stand, a compact LED display on the handlebars showing all the necessary information while driving, or the possibility of folding the whole structure, which is definitely useful when moving in public transport or in the car.

Are you a fan of an adrenaline ride; or are you looking for a scooter that will offer you a lot of fun? JANOBIKE T10 Pro is definitely the right choice. Electric scooter JANOBIKE T10 Pro is currently available in the unbeatable offer on the e-shop; for as little as €899.99. The scooter is delivered from a Germany Warehouse free of charge; thanks to which you can also avoid inconveniences such as customs or VAT.


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