Get JIRENO CUBE 4 Portable Projector + Storage Bag at $214.99 in Cyber Monday Sale


JIRENO CUBE 4 is a new portable projector launched on Kickstarter offering 4K decoding and 1080p resolution. All this is sealed in an aluminum housing with a 500 ANSI lumen lamp. The portable projector provides users with native 1920 x 1080P resolution and full 4K decoding along with VIDU’s innovative audio technology. It has been designed to provide “an exceptional cinematic experience, whether used in your home or outdoors.” It is an aesthetically beautiful, elegant, and at the same time captivating device that is a candidate to become a real best buy for its category also in terms of value for money. JIRENO CUBE 4 Portable Projector + Storage Bag can be purchased in Cyber Monday sale at $214.99 for a limited time (50 packs only).

The JIRENO CUBE 4 Portable Projector has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, but can also process 4K material and scale it down accordingly. The manufacturer puts the brightness at 500 ANSI lumens. Such a value is by no means unusual for this device class, but it does require a good darkening of the room. The contrast ratio is put at 3,000: 1. The light source should last around 30,000 hours. A 30 to 200-inch image can be projected, whereby the projection distance is then between one and five meters – a distance of between two and three meters is recommended.

a projector will no longer be just a projector, it must also be smart. In terms of hardware, the manufacturer installs an AMLOGIC T972 quad-core processor; plus 2 GB of RAM and even 16 GB of internal memory. The JI-OS operating system based on Android TV is already preinstalled on it, with which you can, for example, use Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Alternatively, you can also cast your smartphone, which requires Android 5 or iOS 10.

There is an automatic focus and an automatic keystone correction, which should simplify the setup. Two 5 watt speakers are built-in. The model receives image signals via HDMI or wirelessly from a compatible iOS or Android device. Since an operating system based on Android TV is installed; media can also be played from a USB stick or via WiFi from streaming providers without an external player.

Thanks to its portability and small size mean that the projector can be moved easily; the  Jireno Cube 4 is compatible with virtually any device, including computer/laptop; desktop / PC media player, or any other device possible with an audio device.

Here are the main features of the Jireno CUBE4

  • Picture:  1080P cinematic FHD and full 4K decoding
  • Color:  HDR10 +
  • Projection size: 30-200 inches
  • Brightness:  500 ANSI lumens
  • Audio technology VIDU premium
  • Focus technology:  5s automatic
  • Automatic correction:  6D.

The crowdfunding campaign of the Jireno Cube 4 projector was officially launched on November 16 on Kickstarter and within a few hours, it immediately reached many acclaim and new supporters. You can buy the JIRENO CUBE 4 Portable Projector + Storage Bag in Cyber Monday sale at $214.99 for a limited time (50 packs only).


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