Get Muslady D Minor 10 Notes Handpan Drum at €295.34 From CAFAGO in Flash Sale


Traveling is a kind of relaxation, With Muslady D Minor 10 Notes Handpan Drum is a kind of enjoyment to accompany you on traveling, Listen to the enthralling sounds, feeling the beautiful life with handpan. The 22-inch handpan is made of heat-treated stainless steel, which is rustproof, fadeless, exquisite, and durable. It has 10 notes(D3/A3/bB3/C4/D4/E4/F4/G4/A4/C5) which are tuned into the most harmonic scales – D minor.

The Muslady D Minor 10 Notes Handpan Drum is constructed from two half-shells of deep drawn, with a hollow inside and in the shape of a convex lens. Constructed with nitrogen steel material for durability and sturdiness. Each hand is not exactly the same, especially the traces of the surface and the traces of the tuning. These are normal phenomena and do not affect the sound of the handpan.

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The Muslady D Minor 10 Notes Handpan Drum is a layer with up to 21 force layers; containing more than 1000 samples. There are many pits on the drum surface and bumps directly above. Each point has a sound that is adjusted. There is a cavity at the bottom of the handpan that allows the air to flow when the instrument resonates and can be used to play Udu, which is sampled in 6 different areas: Gu, Ding, OuterDing, Tone-field center, Tone-Field Edge, and in-between The Tone -field. Each area is played using a different playing style.

the bottom center hole is called Gu, according to the Helmholtz principle; it can make a very obvious sound resonance effect when tapping, and generate a series of Ding pitches at the top. The overtone column. The pitch is accurate, the overtone is clear, and the tone is ethereal. Muslady D Minor 10 Notes Handpan Drum comes with an upgraded anti-fall bag, a double-open zipper is more simple to open, two straps backpack, 2cm thick anti-collision surface to effectively protect the sound caused by handpan collision is not allowed. You can buy it from CAFAGO at €295.34 in Flash Sale


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