Get Niubility B16 350W FOLDABLE Electric Bicycle at €502.99 From TOMTOP in Flash Sale


Niubility B16 is designed to be lightweight and foldable, which is completely stress-free for urban riding. Niubility B16 electric scooter boasts a 350W brushless motor and 10.4AH lithium battery that enables you to ride at a top speed of 25km/h and travel for 40-50km in power assist mode. Can be put into the car’s trunk, or elevator, can be stored and placed at home without occupying space, and is easy to carry, adding joy and convenience to your travel.

The Niubility B16 electric bike relies on its 350W electric motor, thanks to which it can travel at a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h. Of course, it does not end with the performance itself. Battery life is also extremely important in this area. In this case, the manufacturer opted for a 42V 10.4 Ah lithium battery; which provides a range of up to 40 to 50 kilometers per charge. In combination with an electric motor, it is the perfect partner for the city or for shorter routes.

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The bike frame is also adapted for the urban environment. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring a load capacity of up to 120 kilograms; while there is also an adjustable, comfortable seat that can be raised or lowered according to your needs. But in general, this model is recommended for people with a height of 150 to 180 centimeters. Of course, lighting also plays an important role. That is why there are relatively bright LED headlights to ensure maximum safety when driving in the evening and at night. Mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear wheels continue to be associated with safety. Since this is an electric bike for urban use, we definitely must not forget to mention another relatively important fact.

The Niubility B16 entire bike can be folded in a matter of seconds and placed, for example, in the trunk of a car. This makes it an ideal model not only for the city, but also for shorter trips, commuting, and daily use. The bicycle is collapsible and compact for easy storage and transportation. It is great for commuting, weekend trips, and shopping. You can buy Niubility B16 from TOMTOP at €502.99 (Inclusive of VAT) with Free Shipping from Germany


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