Get ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-SF Laser Engraver at €341.29 From TOMTOP in Flash Sale


ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-SF 20W Laser Engrave has a longer service life because the mechanical structure has been optimized and designed to have a faster speed and can work stably for a long time. At the same time, Ortur Laser Master

2 Pro can provide users with more security because it has more security features. ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-SF newly upgraded, adding new functions such as flame detection, emergency stop, etc., with stronger system reliability, smooth engraving, faster engraving speed, higher accuracy, and more refined engraving products. The new upgrade brings users a better experience!

ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-SF Laser Engraver equipped with an LU2-4-SF laser module which adopts the latest FAC laser technology for compressed laser points makes the light source more concentrated and has an ultra-fine 0.01mm high precision. 0.17*0.25mm compressed spot, engraving speed up to 10000mm/min. It can cleanly cut 9mm pine board and directly engrave on uncoated stainless steel. The focus of the SF laser is smaller, the image is finer, and it is more suitable for engraving.

ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-SF Laser Engraver is equipped with 5 Safety protections: 1. When the engraving machine is displaced or tilted, it will automatically stop the laser to prevent damage to the target from the laser. 2. When the engraving machine or computer crashes, the laser will stop working immediately to prevent continuous fire. 3. The engraving machine is turned on, but there is no movement for a long time, it will be protected, and the laser will be turned off automatically. 4. Flame Detector + Buzzer 5. Emergency Stop Button. Bring you a safe and worry-free creative environment.

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Ortur laser engraving and cutting machine can work on over a hundred materials such as wood, bamboo, metal; acrylic, stainless steel, leather, rubber, glass, ceramics, food, paper, fabric, etc. You can use the laser engraver to customize wooden coasters, personalized keychains, metal business cards, decorations, wooden spoons, dog tags, wallets, puzzles, notebooks, and other personalized products to make money for you. Suitable for business starters, hobbyists, designers, artists,home-makers, and professionals. ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-SF is easy to assemble and use, we provide installation instructions and videos for your reference; usually, it only takes 10-20 minutes to complete the assembly.

e also offer a large number of accessories (additional purchases) for you to upgrade your Ortur 2Pro-S2 laser; such as Honeycomb Laser Bed; Engraving Area Expansion Kit, Air Assist Nozzle Kit; LU2-10A 10W output power Laser Module, and Laser Engraver Enclosure to help you achieve better engraving effect and projects and save on buying a brand new cost machine. ORTUR Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-SF laser engraver can be compatible with various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, support Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10, and also support Mac and Linux system (LightBurn, need to be paid), engraving file format supports JPG, PNG, BMP, JPEG, SVG, ETC, etc. You can buy it from Banggood at €341.29 (Inclusive of VAT) with Free shipping from Germany.


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