Grab the Creality Sermoon V1 FDM 3D Printer at €265.98 From TOMTOP in Flash Sale


With such a sleek design and a core focus on producing a 3D Printer that not only prints good; but looks damn good too, you may have noticed that some of the features aren’t quite as obvious as you might have experienced with other models. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that the Creality Sermoon V1 FDM 3D Printer lacks in features and is in fact packed to the brim with a whole suite of awesome features that all focus on either great print quality, excellent value for money, or a streamlined and enjoyable user experience. As such, let’s take a closer look at some of these features; and how they will affect your time spent with this stylish and powerful machine.

The Sermoon V1 is a small yet solid 3D Printer with all the hot bits safely inside a full enclosure away from wandering hands. Printer Enclosures are typically used to control ambient temperatures during printing, making it possible to print tougher filaments like ABS. This enclosure is fitted with LED lighting for you to watch the print go through clear side and top windows. The Sermoon V1 also includes a remote monitoring camera and open-door detection that automatically pauses the print when the door is opened. A pull-out filament holder and easy feeder hole also make loading new filament a breeze. These simple additions make all the difference for user convenience and safety in a classroom setting and around children.

Noisy 3D Printers are fast becoming a thing of the past for Creality and the Sermoon V1 takes full advantage of this to create the perfect work side printer. The Sermoon V1 is powered by a 32-bit motherboard that comes with TMC Ultra-Silent stepper motor drivers. This means the Sermoon V1 is not only incredibly quiet but also benefits from increased stability and reduced lag rate. The motherboard is also designed to accommodate an internal WiFi module; as well as SD cards for transferring your print files and pressing start. Wireless connectivity is a large part of today’s society and while the Sermoon V1 can’t post to social media for you (yet); it is possible to slice, control, and start prints remotely using the Creality Cloud App.

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Newly developed by Creality themselves; the Sprite Direct Drive Extruder reaches up to 250°C and its interesting dual-gear design is perfect for printing PLA; ABS, PETG, and various flexible filaments like TPU. Feeding with up to 80N force, this extruder minimalizes the distance your filament must travel to the hotend. Loading new 3D filament becomes pain-free and the extruder’s extra control brings cleaner print results. The main standout difference between the Sprite and other Creality extruders is the heatsink; which integrates into the mounting plate, allowing the cooling fan to blow completely through the heatsink. Creality claims this change significantly reduces the chances of clogging, leaving you to enjoy 3D printing issue free.

For this enclosed Creality Sermoon V1 3D Printer, a removable flexible print surface was a must. Flexible build plates bring a new level of convenience to your 3D Printing experience; eliminating any need to shovel your 3D Prints off the bed as it often feels like when using a scraper. You can simply remove the spring steel sheet from the printer and flex it to “pop” your print easily off. Moreover, this PEI print surface is proven to be extremely effective at bed adhesion for PLA, PETG, and ABS. If you begin to find scrapes and scratches interfering with your printing, simply flip the sheet over to double its lifespan.

For Makers looking for a small fully assembled 3D Printer that is a fantastic easy introduction to the world of 3D Printing, the Sermoon V1 3D Printer is really a wonderful choice. We agree with most Makers that 3D Printing is very rarely “hassle-free” and it is always best to approach this hobby ready for a learning curve. The Sermoon V1 Pro features a lot of quality modern components to maximize user experience and quality. However, if you ever find yourself stuck; we highly recommend you join in with our online DIY Community which is always keen to help. You can buy it from TOMTOP at €265.98 (Inclusive of VAT) in Flash Sale with Free shipping from Germany.


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