Get PhilBook Y13 in XIDU Black Friday Sale with $50 OFF Discount Coupon


Amazon is continuously one of the greatest and best retailers to look out whenever a sale/deal moves around. Bargain customers get prepare yourselves, Black Friday has arrived. Amazon Black Friday sale, use the $50 OFF clipped coupon and get the latest PhilBook Y13 as low as $449.99. Hurry up, stock run out fast, enjoy the deal right now at Amazon XIDU US, DE, FR store!

The XIDU PhilBook Y13 is so compact in large part because it features extra narrow screen bezels with an 85% screen to body ratio and extremely lightweight. PhilBook Y13 has a smaller footprint at 11.8 by 8.29 by 0.6 inches and weighs 2.8 pounds. And the Apple MacBook Air measures 12.1 by 8.36 by 0.63 inches and weighs 2.8 pounds. The keyboard occupies almost the full width of the chassis, and the keycaps are generous sized. The key-action is bouncy and incredibly quiet. It also creates a comfortable typing experience and allows for better airflow underneath the laptop to aid cooling.

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It took the XIDU engineering department almost six months to bring all the components together in perfect harmony and to finish the design of the logic board. The design of PhilBook Y13 combines the aesthetically compact and stable performance! To make PhilBook Y13 this small and light, there have to be some compromises. Notably, XIDU does not put all the comprehensive ports on PhilBook Y13; however, all the ports PhilBook Y13 have are essential. A type-C, a USB3.0 plus a headphone jacket, which is enough for daily usage. The powerful Intel Core i5-5257U with the base frequency of 2.7Ghz and turbo boost to 3.1Ghz. The intel i5 5th generation is a stable CPU with intel iris 6100 GPU embedded.

XIDU PhilBook Y13 is available in the US, DE and French Store with a $50 Coupon the final price should be $449.99, on Black Friday. For other areas and regions, please check XIDU Aliexpress and XIDU Official store, which offers global shipping.


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