Get SCULPFUN S30 PRO 10W Laser Engraver at €488.99 From CAFAGO with Free-Shipping


For the creative souls among us, 3D printers and similar items are not the only items on offer in Chinese stores. But even such a laser engraver is suitable for all kinds of magic. Today, engraving (or decorative engraving) is easily available even at home. And the prices of the powerful models are successfully going under the deck. Today we can do it again thanks to a discount event at the Cafago e-shop, where the excellent model Sculpfun S30 Pro appeared. The price is higher, but it is a top model, so all hobby enthusiasts better keep their ears open. Why not enjoy yourself?

The Sculpfun S30 Pro laser engraver is truly a top-of-the-range model. In addition, we will assemble it in just a moment, because everything is ready in just a few parts. The really powerful dual 10W laser has a beam as thin as 0.06×0.08mm. Which of course has a positive effect on the possibility of engraving details and accuracy. But the laser can also cut, for example, thick wooden boards or thick acrylic. The laser is suitable not only for engraving in metal or wood but also for cutting. The maximum engraving area is an excellent 410 x 400 mm.

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Sculpfun S30 Pro comes with an advanced high-pressure air-assist metal nozzle, which can generate high-pressure airflow under the air pump, greatly improving the cutting efficiency, and the cutting speed is more than 5 times faster than that without air-assist. The strong airflow blows away the residue and makes the cut surface very clean. Ultra-thin 5W, 10W, and 20W three laser options: S30 series uses ultra-thin laser shaping technology, the laser focus is as thin as hair and very powerful for engraving or cutting. The good news is the support of software such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Benbox, GrblController or LighFire, and others. So it is very easy to work with her. Moreover, it is not only limited to Windows but also Apple (LightBurn). It also supports formats such as JPG, PNG, DXF, SVG, G-code, NC, BMP, and others.

In flash sales on the Cafago e-shop, there is this Sculpfun S30 Pro piece with a significant price cut. The resulting final price is 488.99 euros. Which is not bad at all considering the equipment and options. Delivery is not a problem either, because the engraver is in stock at the neighbors in a German warehouse. This eliminates possible problems with customs or tax arrears. And the price is valid until the end of October.


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