Get Smartmi Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat at €174.75 From CAFAGO in Flash Sale


Xiaomi has many interesting products beyond smartphones, including the Smartmi Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat that we have already talked about several times on this page. We bring it back here because it has just gone down in price a lot in the CAFAGO store using the button at the end of this article. It’s 42% off with free shipping from Europe! Now… Do you need a toilet lid in your life to enjoy smart functions when you do 1 or 2? When you discover what the Xiaomi Smartmi Electronic Bidet Toilet is capable of, you will surely love it immediately. Join us to learn more about this interesting intelligent seat for toilets.

The Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat Filter is a smart toilet seat that is equipped with a special upgraded water filter, compared to the old version, the upgraded PP filter cotton can effectively filter impurities above 5 microns for a better filtering effect and more hygienic use. Replacing the filter element is also simpler and more convenient. This seat covers Smart Toilet comes from SmartMi belonging to the Xiaomi eco chain. This is a smart toilet lid, and as you sit on it the sensor automatically lowers or raises the temperature. Once you start washing, the water source is heated to a constant temperature as you use the toilet.

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This seat in addition to the many smart functions it supports also does sterilization with UV lighting as soon as you close the lid after use, automatically killing all the bacteria. The sterilization mechanism is activated only when the user is away from the toilet seat. It can provide instantaneous constant heating of hot water for washing sensitive areas; the water is heated immediately inside its special ceramic heating vessel.

The new upgrade Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat is a smart toilet seat comes with a new special smart water filter (PP cotton filter) which has a shelf life of six months. This new water filter can effectively filter all sediment and other impurities from the toilet. The filter is a simple procedure that can be installed in the toilet bowl. All parts of the product are made of materials that are durable – safe and environmentally friendly; the product has gone and certification RoHS.

The Smartmi Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat normally costs €299, but at CAFAGO right now it is 42% off. You can take it for €174.75 (VAT included), Shipping from the store’s warehouse in Germany is free and takes between 3 and 5 business days. Enjoy the offer!


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