Get The Xiaomi Microhoo USB Air Conditioner Fan For Just $76.99 at TOMTOP


The summer heat condition is an obsession with many people. However, staying in the air-conditioned environment for a long time will make your skin dry. Let Xiaomi Microhoo USB Air Conditioner Fan bring new airflow, like natural wind, to keep skin moisturized all day.

Buy Xiaomi Microhoo USB Air Conditioner Fan From TOMTOP

Xiaomi Microhoo USB Air Conditioner Fan owns a unique design like a miniature air conditioner. Measuring just 196 x 178 x 182mm, the fans won’t take up quite a lot, so you can place them at your desk, living room, or bedroom. The weight of the Microhoo fan is only 1206g, allowing users to bring fans for use in many different cases. The Xiaomi Microhoo water tank has a quite large capacity of up to 1000ml, much larger than similar products on the market. With a large capacity, the fan avoids having to add water regularly, for longer cooling times.

Manufacturers also pay attention to every detail in the design of steam fans. Specifically, the water tank is fixed, which helps prevent the tilting of the water leading to water spills. The front of the fan is equipped with lids to prevent dust. Xiaomi Microhoo USB Air Conditioner Fan is equipped with the wet curtain made from odorless honeycomb paper, for longer service life and clearer cooling effect. Note to experience the best cooling effect, users should replace wet curtains after 4-6 months of use.

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Xiaomi Microhoo USB Air Conditioner Fan supports 2 ways to add water quite simply. With a flexible removable tank design, users can add water to the tank directly at the source. Also in case, you can not get water, you can add water to the container by pouring the cup of water into the container. The second unique feature is that if you want to cool quickly, you can put the water tank in the freezer of the refrigerator or put ice cubes directly into the water bottle before adding water, letting the fan blow cool air. than.

Xiaomi Microhoo Fan gives users the ability to customize the wind speed to their liking. In addition, the fan is also equipped with a touch screen, allowing users to manually switch 3 modes of use. Including natural wind mode, sleep mode turned on at night and independent time adjustment mode. The active fan makes less noise, quiet, ensure your sleep. Besides the highest fan power is 6W, both energy-saving and environmental protection.

The Xiaomi Microhoo USB Air Conditioner Fan has a very popular and stable Type-C charging interface, which is compatible with a variety of power supplies. Specifically, fans receive power directly from the outlet, via charging cables, Fans can also charge via a backup battery, laptop or new generation smartphone supporting Type-C interface, for users the ability to use anytime, anywhere. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $76.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy Xiaomi Microhoo USB Air Conditioner Fan From TOMTOP


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