Get Two Trees TTS-55 Laser Engraver at €217.99 From CAFAGO in Flash Sale


Two trees TTS-55 is an upgraded version of TT-5.5S. TTS-55 aluminum profile added digital scale, upgraded to the 32-bit motherboard. Add a power switch to the motherboard. Magnetic laser protection covers, CNC Z-axis lifting devices, Cable management using bellows, Multi-grade metal positioning posts, etc. TTS-55 laser can engrave wood, plastic, paper, leather, bamboo, sponge paper, alumina, stainless steel, chevron board, acrylic, glass, etc.

The laser can cut up to 5mm plywood, 3mm acrylic board, 3mm carton, 0.7mm leather, and so on. Working Area: 300x300mm. TTS-55 laser module uses the latest LD+FAC+C-Lens compression spot technology, fixed focus, the focal length is only 23mm, compared with other long focus lasers, the short-focus laser has stronger engraving and cutting ability. Engraving accuracy: 0.1mm. Laser power: 5.5W, machine output power: 40W.

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The motherboard adopts 32-bit dual-core MCU, which has a faster processing speed, and the engraving speed can reach 10000mm/min. The laser can engrave online and TF card offline engraving. Due to the built-in WIFI module, you can also use the mobile phone App and computer WEB for engraving. Two trees TTS-55 series engraving machines are compatible with most engraving software. For example, free software: LaserGRBL (for Windows), paid software: Lightburn (for Windows, Mac), and mobile app: MKSLaser (for Android and IOS system), can be downloaded from the mobile store.

The magnetically attached laser shield makes removal a breeze, and the crimson case shields 98% of the laser to protect your eyes. The laser shielding shell has reserved air-assisted holes. There is no need to adjust the focal length before engraving, and the focal length is only 23mm. Compared with other long-focus lasers, short-focus lasers have stronger engraving and cutting capabilities, and the laser power of fixed-focus lasers is more stable than that of zoom lasers.

The CNC anodized lifting device is driven by the rod shaft guide, and the laser focusing can be realized by adjusting the top knob, which is suitable for adjusting the focal length when cutting objects of different thicknesses. Of course, it can also be upgraded to other higher power laser modules. You can buy Two trees TTS-55 from CAFAGO at €217.99 in Flash Sale with Free shipping from Germany Warehouse.


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